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Product Ownership Assessment

      I purchased a Yoga 14  about 7 weeks ago. I have been thoroughly disappointed with my purchase. From the first day I started my computer it stared having issues. The first few issues were minor so I ignored them. First issue was that the Nvidia graphics card would constantly stop working, the second was erratic blue tooth connectivity with my mouse.

      I forged ahead with my machine. In doing so I missed my opportunity to return it for a new unit. About three weeks in to ownership the screen started flickering. I begrudgingly sent my brand new computer back to Lenovo for repair. I guess that's just the chance you take when you buy something new. After all it did have a one year warranty.


     The unit was returned to me about two weeks later. The flickering was fix with a new screen. However the the wrong operating system was installed. My computer originally came with Windows 10 Home Premium. Windows 10 Pro was installed in its place. That would be great, but due to the nature of embedded product keys I can not activate my operating system.


     Lenovo's solution to this new issue is to send me a DVD disk with the original operating system. That solution has several problems.  The first is since the computer doesn't have a optical drive. I have to go out and buy a separate DVD player to install the correct OS.  Another issue is the restore partition with still have the wrong OS.


    Lenovo did offer to let me send my computer back to there repair facility so that they could re image my hard drive. My guess is that once again my brand new computer will be in for repairs another two weeks.


    That brings me right to my biggest gripe about purchasing a Lenovo product. In the seven weeks that I have owned this computer ninety percent of my time has been trying to get it to work properly. I have not been able to produce one thing with this computer. I am consistently distracted by its failure's. Did I mention that as soon as I turned it on after receiving it back from repairs it immediately showed graphic card errors again.


   I am totally galled by Lenovo service. In one hand the claim to want me to be extremely satisfied with there service. In the other hand they offer no real solutions to the problems I have with there machine. Having my brand new computer in there service center for a month is not a solution that i can live with. Leaving me with a computer with the wrong operating system installed on the recovery partition also seems looks like a bad fix.


   I completely regret my decision to buy A Lonovo product. I find there service cumbersome and inadequate. When I look at my new computer. The one I spent over a thousand dollars for. All I can think about is my waisted time and money. My hart sinks when I think to get back to square one. To get back to being productive I am going to have to spend another thousand dollars on another computer.

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