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Paper Tape
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Really frustrating repair experience - two protracted depot repairs in 4 months.

Hi everyone,


I was hoping someone on this forum could help me come to a resolution with my X1 Yoga that's been in depot repairs. For context, I'm a law student who uses their computer every day for note taking and at the end of the semester for exam writing. Becuase of that, I purchased the next business day on site repair option for 3 years because, well, a working computer is critical for me.


  • I first had to send my laptop in to the depot for repairs back in November when a defective hinge caused the plastic around the hinge/screen to snap (I'll note that this defective hinge was installed when a technician came to fix my previous hinge, which was damaged as well).
  • The machine was in the depot for weeks, and repeated phone calls / website service checks just told me it was because of a "part not available" issue. I finally got the matter escalated and my escalation contact (shout out to the peerless John W, GREAT support rep) said that it was because the OLED screen wasn't available for the replacement. I said "Ok, what do we do instead?" John suggested that he can send me a re-built new generation machine with comparable specifications...but unfortunately that machine couldn't get to me for for another few weeks. In fact, the machine wouldn't have arrived until I'm right into my exam period.
  • John, the case manger who helped me out, was sympathetic and after I let him know of the timing issue and reminded of how long I've gone without a laptop that I paid a pretty penny for (plus warranty), he went above and beyond and sent me an upgrade X1 Yoga Gen 3 with even better specs than my Gen 2 that I sent for repairs.
  • Fast forward a month or so, and I notice some weird issues - first, the fingerprint reader just stops working. I reinstalled drivers, rolled back my OS installs, and even re-imaged my machine TWICE (once with factory image, once with just a fresh Windows install). Still, nothing could get my fingerprint reader to work again. A Lenovo repair tech came by my house and replaced the fingerprint reader - still nothing. Even worse, at this point even the Webcam wasn't working - the OS could see when the shutter was on and off, but when the shutter was OFF (e.g. when the camera is visible), Windows told me "Can't detect a camera". A lenovo tech came by again the next week and this time replaced the whole motherboard - still, the same issue occured.
  • At this point, the tech just said "I think we need to send this to the depot, they should get it fixed in a few days." I thought "oh no, the depot again? Well, this seems to be a pretty standard issue so no problem, I'll send it over."
  • I send the laptop out to the depot again, and call regularly to check the status (The website that is used to check the status... doesn't work - even the lenovo twitter team couldn't get it to work!)
  • One day when I call, I am told the machine is "on hold waiting on customer comment" - I recieved no such comment/call/request, so I asked what they needed - they said that they needed my OS password. I am not comfortable giving out my operating system password, and more importantly on the service sheet I specified that I would like my machine factory re-imaged (I back everything up on my own anyway). The support representative says "Ok", and then I hear nothing from Lenovo for a few more days.
  • Roll into today (Wednesday, 1/23), and I try to call to get the status of my machine - I'm on hold for a good 15 to 20 minutes, then I get a prompt saying "All of our representatives are busy, please leave your name, case number, and callback number and we will call you at our earliest convenience" - instead of giving me a prompt to leave a message, the line just hangs up. I call again a few times and now I just get the message and no option to leave a voicemail.

At this point, I'm supremely frustrated and I just want a working machine that I paid for (or, if I can't have that, I'll gladly accept a refund). I was a big believer in the Thinkpad brand because it was a brand known for reliability and durability (one of my first laptops was a Thinkpad X61T).


Any help would be very much appreciated.


If any Lenovo reps are seeing this post - my case number is 407LK2H.


Thank you!


Paper Tape
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Re: Really frustrating repair experience - two protracted depot repairs in 4 months.

Just as an update, as if it were some kind of divine intervention, I got an email the night after I wrote this post saying my machine was shipped back to me - so far, so good- looks like the depot did it!

While I appreciate the opportunity to vent, I gotta give credit where credit is due.
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Really frustrating repair experience - two protracted depot repairs in 4 months.

What a nightmare, and I thought my situation was bad!

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