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Blue Screen Again
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Received wrong product!

This is the fourth laptop I have bought from Lenovo, and this T410 2516 CTO really dissapointed me!


First, I turned it on and tried to install updates, and it went bluescreen for three times before I gave up. Then I checked the device manager, and found that there is no bluetooth adapter installed. I ordered this laptop with bluetooth, and on the list printed on the box, it also printed "BLUETOOTH W/ANTENNA"... I can't believe Lenovo made such a mistake!


I searched the "shopping help" website, and it's so funny that no return information was provided at all!!! I don't even have a number to call except for that tech support number, which made me waited for 20 minutes and disconnected!!!  (Sales department closed after 7pm EST).


 I need a number to return this good looking JUNK!  I wasted so many hours on you, lenovo!!!


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Re: Received wrong product!

welcome to the forum!


apologies for your experience.   since you've posted to the forum, let's try and work through your hardware issues.


first, which updates are you trying to install: windows updates or ones through thinkvantage system update?


second, the chances of the BT ratio being listed on your build sheet and not installed is slim so let's first determine if it's actually installed.   try pressing Fn+F5 to see if the BT radio shows up on the list.   from here you can enable it.   this will also allow it to show up in the device manager.   please try this and report your findings.

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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Received wrong product!

1. It went blue screen when I was installing windows updates.

2. The first thing I tried was Fn+F5, of coz. I checked the device manager also. NO BT installed. Also if there is BT, you can see the LED there besides wireless LED, right? There is NONE.


Anyway, already called Tech Support and returned. Took me almost an hour to finish the return process and another hour to go to the UPS store... Terrible experience! Tech spt guy was good, but the csr from whom I obtained the RMA# was very very stupid (sorry but this was true), and very impatient!


btw, how long does it usually take to issue the refund?

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Re: Received wrong product!

anywhere between 2 weeks to a month for the refund to be processed. 


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