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Punch Card
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Repair depot help

So I sent my y570 into repair because a few months ago both gpu's started to slow down on me a lot and it would overheat. About a week after I called to send it in the pc wouldn't even start up. So I sent it in and they recived it last Thursday and on Friday they have started repairs and now today it says it's still "we have recived your laptop and are doing the repairs" what I'm afraid of is that they might not find the gpu problem on the computer because yOu will need to download a game and play it first. I forgot to put the gpu is broke On the inventory control sheet. Hopefully they can fix it right or maybe someone. Oils tell them for me.
Punch Card
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Re: Repair depot help

Any help on this?
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Re: Repair depot help

Welcome to the forum!


This forum is a peer-to-peer support group and not an official support channel.


If I were you I'd wait for the machine to come back and then decide whether it was repaired to your satisfaction.



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