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Report about „Notebook-Service“ in Germany – ct‘ 08/2008

Every year, the German reputable magazine for computer technique ct‘ ( publishs a report about notebook service based on a survey about the experience of notebook users.

Last year, the „feeling“ arose (forums, personal contacts, …), that the support by Lenovo was no longer as good as under the control of IBM, and last month, there was already a report about a "problematic case" (as example of more similar cases, ) of German Lenovo support. Now, we have numbers about this „feeling“. You can summary the report regarding Lenovo that the service became significant worse but is still good.

Here some results - I took the time and looked up the values from last years report, so you have a comparison (2006->2007):

General Contact/Hotline:   

Satisfied 86% -> 74%


Satisfied (rank): 82% (2) -> 70% (2)

Duration (rank): 11,8 days (4) -> 13,9 days (5)

One/first repair solved the problem: 86% (1) -> 78% (4)

As result, the number of “loyal” regular customer went down too:

78% -> 62% (2004: 85%).

As contrast, Dell could improve its good scores in most categories and take first place.

I like ThinkPads and I hope, you will analyze such independent report seriously and invest in QA of your service and you don’t focus only on short term profits. I think, I don’t have to say you that it is very difficult to get back customers which were disappointed by bad support.

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Re: Report about „Notebook-Service“ in Germany – ct‘ 08/2007

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Re: Report about „Notebook-Service“ in Germany – ct‘ 08/2007

Your welcome to be here and share and be a part of the community, but I would ask you to reflect upon the value of your present content in helping this forum to grow and be successful, to the benefit of the Lenovo customer base as a whole.  
Your cited reference has to do with Canada and not with Germany - the countries are different and the topics are different. 
Things are improving in Canada, the shipping times are reduced, although not yet to the performance levels we would expect in the future.  Improvements to the email system are underway, along with the development of online order tracking. 
If your point is simply to say that there is evidence around to show that Lenovo still has work to do, in order to be seen as the number one supplier of personal computers and services world wide, then I would agree with you.
Let's get to work on making that happen together shall we?
Perhaps you have some unique skills or expertise you could contribute here in the forum to improve the experiences for others?   Maybe you have a lot expertise with Windows Vista, or perhaps Linux?   Maybe there is a particular system which you have and really know inside in out?   Perhaps you could get involved in one of those discussions, and help move us forward?
If your here to help, or to learn, please do get involved.  
If you find that you have an unresolved Lenovo issue, please send me a PM, I'd like to help you get it resolved.
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