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Reset Password on Windows 7

I have fogotten my windows password on my V570 but do have my fingerprint in the system to log on with the bioexcess.  How can I reset my password as I cannot remember what I used when i set up the laptop?


I have windows 7 home on my laptop.  I am the admin.




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Re: Reset Password on Windows 7

welcome to the forum!


i hate to be the bearer of bad news here since this is your first post but we don't allow the discussion of password subversion methods on our forum.   there are methods to recover your password but this forum isn't the place to ask about or discuss that topic.


per our community participation rules:

No solicitation for, nor exchange of information that will aid or enable unethical, illegal or immoral activities.
For example, no posts concerning exchange of passwords, credit or banking information, warranty entitlement information for purpose of re-entitling out of warranty products. No posts shall include instructions or directions intended to subvert security measures, including passwords, locking mechanisms, fingerprint scans, etc, nor shall any posts provide descriptions to the location of, nor direct links to content related to these topics.

thanks for understanding.

thread locked.

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