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Re: Share your thoughts ! - What would you like to see changed or added to the e-support site in the

i would like to see a suggestion box for the making of furture machchine i have some great solutions and ideas
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Re: Share your thoughts ! - What would you like to see changed or added to the e-support site in the

drskhan wrote:
What is the role of this Lenovo thin installer?

How is it different from ThinkVantage System Update?

quoted from the TVT admin tools page:

Thin Installer is a smaller version of System Update.


Thin Installer searches for the update packages from a repository that you create. The repository can be created on your local hard drive, a network share, or external media such as a CD, DVD, or USB hard drive. When Thin Installer finishes installing applicable packages, no registry keys relating to Thin Installer exist - thus the user only needs to delete the folder containing Thin Installer to remove all files associated with Thin Installer and the associated repository (e.g. zero-footprint).


it just saves from installing drivers manually.

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Re: Share your thoughts ! - What would you like to see changed or added to the e-support site in the


here you get one suggestion more. For better understanding i post two e-mails between me and Lenovo. 


I think, that the Message Center should be "filled with more sense".



Caused by the down-time of the download-servers (manual and with System Update) last week-end i wrote several mails to the support including the following:


Dear Sirs,

why didn't you use the "Thinkvantage Message-Center" to inform your
custumers about the migration and possible problems to reach the

I never got a really important message over the Message-Center but only hints and tipps how to use or "Did you know"-messages.

Many Thinkpad/Lenovo-customers remove the Message-Center from their comupters because no REALLY important message arrived.

The following really important messages never could be read in the Message-Center:

- Possible Downtime of the downloadserver for System Update and manual download last week-end

- missing WWAN-driver for Thinkpads T61/T400 etc. after installing Access Connections 5.20

- new WWAN-driver for Access Connections 5.20 released

If you will use the Message-Center more for technical communication to your customers they will be more satisfied.

Most of the driver- and Thinkvantage-Tools concerning informations can
be transmitted by the Message Center platform-independent because many
users modify their Thinkpads or use different drivers/tools than
recommended because they work or look better (f.e. Powermanager of
Thinkpad T43 installed on T41p which is still in warranty) or change a
FRU to annother brand f.e. Wireless Lan-adapter from Intel to

Please use the Message-Center for more technical informations and publishing new driver realases in the future.


 This morning CET i got the reply:


Dear xxxx,

Thank you for your comments. We are continually striving to improve your support experience.

Your feedback is important to us and will be considered for the next update to the Support Web site.

Thank you for contacting the Lenovo Web Content Team.

03/19/2009 - DDBB-7Q8G4K

Get help or participate in Lenovo Forum.


So, please use the Message Center for important news to the users.


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Re: Share your thoughts ! - What would you like to see changed or added to the e-support site in the

My question/recommendation:


Is e-support site workable on Mobile phones/pdas/ppc?


I tried using e-support site on Nokia E-71 while I was in the working in the hospital. But there were errors.

The site was opening/browsing perfectly but started giving errors when i tried to post.


If its only the case with me & e-support site works on these devices, then good for us.


If not, then e-support site should be made workable on these devices & platforms too. That will be a good idea to incorporate in future e-support site furnishing.


Also I was browsing through e-support sites of various vendors like dell, acer, toshiba, hp, gateway, linksys, norton, trendmicro etc.


I liked Linksys & Norton as very comprehensive sites.


The core attraction for customers at Linksys & Norton is "instant communication....hence instant solution & resolution".


A very comprehensive database of questions&answers. Online chat applet, online scanners for hardware/software problem detection, very fast download servers (always up) & voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software were the basic pushers for e-support success.


According to its definition:


"e-support is the electronic (usually Web-based) version of customer service that would otherwise have required either a visit to a company or a telephone call. According to industry estimates, e-support can cost a company as little as 25 cents per interaction compared to as much as $25. for a telephone inquiry. At its best, e-support offers a customer efficient 24-hour-a-day service, and offers an enterprise a cost-effective means of improving customer relations".


I think now is the right time to implement all these strategies for making lenovo e-support a real life time saviour.




Dr. Khan


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Re: Share your thoughts ! - What would you like to see changed or added to the e-support site in the

ask tech question  via email  for free regardless if computer in warnty or not in warranty


1. i really like system update i hope new tool will better and faster


2. full install software and driver you post get for free with preload system not just have upgrade driver software installation

avaible for download except for os system


3. this is idea  make the recouver disk in  iso format only have the people you have member on forum for lenovo

or lenovo shopping can download full set of recouver disk from  special server but they need


type in series  and model number so the server know what  recouver cd or dvd set that workes on that system plus chose format they want recouver disk to made from


1. cd iso set

2. dvd iso set



4. make tool check the problem and try to fix it automaticlly if tooll can't fix it will tell you next step to help troubleshoot and call

tech support or live chat .



5.  I reall like the idea  lenovo live chat to talk to tech support person 


6. their should improver communition with customer with new message plus system and tell they 2 to 3 day before download and driver page will be down for while for upgrade or maintence give estmate date and time it will be back on line











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Re: Share your thoughts ! - What would you like to see changed or added to the e-support site in the

Hello Mark,


One of the best support tools in the whole notebook industry was your software update, it established a permanent update of our machines sort of oxygen tube for keep living. I think Lenovo will loose a great deal of the earned ground.


Could you explain me if this is a kind of joke?


El método utilizado por Lenovo para actualizar los sistemas va a cambiar. Las nuevas actualizaciones de sistemas seguirán estando disponibles en Inicie de nuevo System Update en mayo para habilitar nuestro nuevo sistema de mensajería.


We are about to end may and the new system update isn´available yet, could you send us some feedback on this issue? I wonder why are you asking for new ideas on e-support if the good and basic ones aren´t preserved?

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Re: Share your thoughts ! - What would you like to see changed or added to the e-support site in the

How about some e-mail contacts to help sovle customer problems?  They are notably absent!  I had to call and waste 20 minutes time talking to a very polite Indian fellow who quoted Lenovo policy to me.  Which brings up the real problem that I have with Lenovo... how can you expect customers to know and follow your company policies?  It is rediculous.  I wasted money purchasing an item which was never delivered and I was charged a restocking fee, because I did not follwo Lenovo company policy....


Hello>>> customer service is a term that also does not show up on the website (search for it) unles you are reviewing the numerous awards that are surely bogus from my experience.

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Re: Share your thoughts ! - What would you like to see changed or added to the e-support site in the



Fair points indeed.  Today, as you may have noted in other discussions, TVSU was restored.   The point of this thread was to try to capture customer feedback on what is important in an online support experience - which tools people most want to use.


Chapel Hill,


There are some email addresses for sales support, but rather than run you around further, why not send me a private message with your order number and a summary of the situation?   I'll do my best to help get this resolved for you.


Thanks for sharing, and I do apologize for the experience you had so far.


Best regards,



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Re: Share your thoughts ! - What would you like to see changed or added to the e-support site in the

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Move paid Lenovo employees from telephone support to these forums

Hi Mark,


Great initiative! Sorry I'm coming to it a bit late, but:


I would love to see more Lenovo employees providing official support in these forums. You're fantastic, let's have more like you! As far as I'm concerned, you could transfer all but a few employees from telephone support to here. I think support here is far more efficient and less frustrating than telephone support. And from a more punitive view (not that I think it's necessarily warranted in the linked case), if an employee truly is incompetent at support, it would quickly become obvious and they could receive additional training or be reassigned, to the benefit of all.


Thanks for all your work to make these forums great!



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