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Should I buy the X1 Carbon 6Gen 2018, T or P series?

Hello, I am considering to buy a new Thinkpad. As I haven't used the Thinkpad for over 20 years, I would appreciate some advice from current users. Here are my requirements:


- need to be able to connect to a 4K TV @ 60Hz with Chroma 4:4:4 (TV has HDMI 2.0 port)

- compatible with Ubuntu Linux and be able to use eGPU under Ubuntu Linux
- has a Thunderbolt 3 port to connect to the eGPU at full 40Gbps speed
- ideally below 2kg
- about 10 hours battery life and if possible, can change battery easily
- if possible no big and heavy AC adapter
- good customer support and after sales services
- Intel 8 gen (6-core is better but not a must)
- no heat/noisy fan/thermal/throttling issue
- no scaling issues when using 4K display (both internal LCD and external 4K display)
- no scaling issues when the LCD and external 4K monitor are at different resolutions


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