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Switching to Mac

I can not believe how bad Lenovo is your customer service sucks the quality of your products is **bleep**.  I have been a long time user of Thinkpads and since you have been bought by a communist country your stuff has gone down hill.  I am selling my Thinkpad on eBay eating the lose and buying a Mac.  Lenovo should really take a look at how IBM ran things and learn how to take care of there customers.  I will never say a good thing about your product again.
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Re: Switching to Mac

whoa thank you for your political sentiments... well the Fact is that a Mac is produced by the same contract manufacturer called Compal/Foxconn whom are also responsible for Thinkpads...

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Re: Switching to Mac

And thinkg were not perfect when IBM owned the Thinkpad line either. Flexing motherboards, loose hinges, bad batteries and Solectron.
The more things change the more they stay the same.
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Re: Switching to Mac

Carbon_Unit wrote: And thinkg were not perfect when IBM owned the Thinkpad line either. Flexing motherboards, loose hinges, bad batteries and Solectron.
The more things change the more they stay the same.
I tottered on the edge of buying a MacBookPro before purchasing my T61p. Over the years I've been a ThinkPad guy, starting with a 701C, several 600s, an A30p and an A31p. The one thing that stayed the same was the attention and support I got from IBM, including servicing my machine to the best of their ability when I was out of the international coverage zone for that particular machine. While they waited for a motherboard, they lent me a very nice T41 for six months! The repair was free, including the loan of the machine, even though I was not within an international warranty location.
Also, each and every ThinkPad I ever bought was clearly specified and held no surprises when it arrived. Hardware was as described, with no "hidden issues" in the pre-sale documentation.
Contrast this with my Lenovo "experience": A very long delay between ordering and delivery. The unadvertised removal of the stereo mix capability and the hardware crippling of that capability, unresolvable by driver updates, unlike Dell and others. And the final deal breaker; a restrictive international warranty policy that guarantees that the machine I purchased in the United States will not be serviced while I'm at work in Mexico. And the argument that machines are local-specific didn't seem to matter at that time. Yes, they didn't have the A30p system board, but if I was willing to wait, they'd get one. And they did.
My next machine will probably be a Mac. That decision, while founded on an objective look at what happened when I bought my T61p, which aside from the stereo mix issue is a great machine, is more based upon a very subjective feeling; I just don't feel as comfortable with Lenovo as I did with IBM, and Lenovo doesn't seem to care, not only about me, but everyone else, too. This is just my opinion, based on my personal feelings. YMMV.

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Re: Switching to Mac

You should purchase a Laptop best to your need.... Lenovo for me represents the best bang for buck, and the warranty option is much better than what Apple offers in Australia. Knowing that i dropped my Macbook Pro and it died on me, while my faithful thinkpads survived many similar falls with nothing more than some superficial damages.... i am happy........ Dell XPS for me is good for games, My Macbook Pro 17 inch is to show off to my friends, while my T61p is on 24/7 for data collection in the lab. I had two HP/Compaq laptop all had the same low quality motherboard, while they snubbed my repeated petition for warranty services, when they offered my American counterparts free laptop exchange is not saying much for this company... i will never buy this brand of laptops again.......
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Re: Switching to Mac

I also decided not to buy any lenovo product in my life. So, now I'm thinking what laptop brand shoud I switch to. I'm considering MacBook from Apple, ToughBook from Panasonic (but they do look ugly) and Lifebook from Fujitsu. Will let you know when I decide.
I am upset about Lenovo Customer Service and their warranty service.
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Re: Switching to Mac

Please don't get a Mac! Steve will own your soul!

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Re: Switching to Mac

Macbook pro is good, but no docking station or user replaceable dvd-burner or second battery/harddrive option or memory card slots. The true toughbook is heavy and very slow, while Fujitsu is pretty good, but upgradability is limited. Buy what you need, in my opinion you should buy one laptop from every laptop company and try them out, otherwise you would never know which one is truely the best.
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