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Blue Screen Again
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T410i Water damage

Hi all,


first of all: Sorry if thats the wrong forum! Please give me a hint where to post this topic.


i have a little question about the warranty:


I bought a Thinkpad T410i about one year ago.

Some days ago I knocked over a glass of water accidentally and the water flooded my keyboard.


Now i have some kind of water damage (the most noticable is the disfunction of the DVD drive).

I don't know what exactly happend to the board, so other damage cannot be excluded.


Lenovo's warranty check says that the warranty lasts until 2013.


Is the repair of water damage covered by the warranty?


If yes, what's the best way to contact the support in this case? The telephone hotline doesn't seem to be very helpful.

Is ESC+ the appropriate way?

If no, does anyone have any experience regarding the repair costs in case of water damage?


Information about my Thinkpad:

Lenovo Thikpad T410i

Machine Type: 2518





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Re: T410i Water damage

water damage or drop damage is only covered under ThinkPad Protection warranty. Standard warranty does not cover for cosmetics or user induced accidental damages.

Jin Li

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Re: T410i Water damage

the price to replace only keyboard is about 70 € ( i think 60 $ )
But... if you have more problems like DVD not run; and any other problems, i think that the problem may be the system board.
If is the system board... the price may be 500 € ( about 400 $ )

Good luck :-)
Alessandro Marino
Lenovo Technician specialist