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Blue Screen Again
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T450s Terrible Customer Service

I used to have a T500 and really liked it so this year I bought a T450s. It's broken on me several times and I keep getting it repaired. Finally they said they would send me a new one (they didn't) and gave me an email address (no reply) and now what was once a small problem has turned into my computer not turning on at all (for the second time). I paid for the extended warranty (it's not old enough to matter yet) and haven't dropped it once. I would caution anyone off of buying one of these because between the amount of times it's been repaired (and broken) and the absolutely horrible customer service it's the one of the worst customer experiences that I've had. For a high end machine that I paid well over a thouand dollars for it might as well be a doorstopper at the rate things are going. I reckon I've been using it with a problem or had it sitting at the repair depot for almost as long as I've had it as a completely functional unit.

Paper Tape
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Re: T450s Terrible Customer Service

I have disvovered the same thing about the customers service as you. Lenovo just does not care.

Punch Card
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Re: T450s Terrible Customer Service

I have experienced issues with Lenovo service on my T450s. It's been repaired 3 times and all 3 times with the motherboard replaced once and the screen and screen cable replaced twice. It has continued to fail (display backlight fails and keyboard becomes inoperative), and the last straw was when I was on a business trip and turned on my machine in the hotel only to be faced with a black screen and a non working keyboard.


In my case, Lenovo are in the process of sending me a new machine - a T460s because the T450s is no longer available. Problem is that T460s replacement has no extended battery and a smaller drive capacity (half of what I currently have on the T450s).


Overall, by the time I get the new machine running, install all the software, transfer my data over etc., the entire process from when I first reported my T450s issues to getting the T460s up and running would have taken me a total of 2 months.


That's just my experience I'm putting down here.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: T450s Terrible Customer Service



I've always been a Thinkpad lover and currently have a T450s. I have posted about the poor customer service I have received once before, but it's gotten to a point where I can no longer justify the purchase or recommendation of Lenovo products. I would like to warn anyone thinking about buying a Thinkpad to do so knowing they will receive what is possibly the worst customer service I have ever had with any form of electronics.


My computer has been sent back several times, the last I was told I would get a new computer by email and got a hard no by telephone. I paid up for the best warranty I could and am sending it back a fourth time. I didn't even receive same day shipping. UPS told me I had to pay extra with my own credit card. I don't think the company cares one way or the other how current customers are dealt with and it is apparent that there is some kind of miscommunication between departments. No one should have a high end computer break four times without receiving a new machine or at least better service and response. You end up without a computer for days and worhtless promises.


Sorry if this sounds like a rant, but I wanted to make clear just how terrible my experience has been because it's information that would have changed my mind if I was looking at several different machines before purchase.




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Re: T450s Terrible Customer Service

Hello AtticusJames,


Perhaps you could detail the issue(s) you are experiencing with your notebook; this would help us all to better understand the situation and perhaps provide advice based on experience.




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