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Paper Tape
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The customer relations department still hasn't called!

Have waited for over a week, 9 phone calls later, and 3 "escalation" and the customer relations department still hasn't called. Do they really exist? You would think a smoking laptop, a major safety issue, would be a priority, especially since it is still covered under warranty. It's a shame to have to tell a new father he will not be able to see his son because a company is failing to hold up their end of the deal. Soooo frustrated. Will never do business with lenovo again and will discourage anyone else from doing so. Wishing would have known this before purchase.


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Paper Tape
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Re: The customer relations department still hasn't called!

Same as I have encountered. I plan to sale it and switch to a mac, because even i dropped my iPhone and got a crashed front screen, they switched me for a new one for free. However, when I purchased a think pad with 2 severely hardware problems, and the local repair center lay to me for a month by promising replace the parts the next day without actually doing anything. And still, the mysterious customer service did not show up to solve the problem, as I required a replacement for a defective computer.
Former Employee
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Re: The customer relations department still hasn't called!

Hi ashley42484,


I'm sorry to hear about the situation and I can understand your frustration.


I would like to help escalate the matter and would need additional information.

I've sent a request. Please let me know.




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Paper Tape
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Re: The customer relations department still hasn't called!

I have sent you a private message with my information

Blue Screen Again
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Re: The customer relations department still hasn't called!

I have been dealing with the same thing. Every time I speak with customer service I hear something different.  One of them told me to wait 3 days. I waited 3 days and called back and they said wait 3 more days. Stil have not heard back. One person told me my repair was approved and the next person I spoke with said it wasn't. I have never encountered anything like this type of blanant stalling and lying. I have even recorded the phone conversations and they say it doesn't matter what their reps say, they will not follow through.

I ask them for an email address to do all future correspondance and they refused. I guess it would be a lot harder to mislead customers in e-mail form. You can never speak to the same person twice. They also play pass the buck between departmnents. I cannot believe a $150.00 repair is worth it to them as far as the time it is taking them to dodge it and the negative PR. I am connected with an organization that buys computers on a large scale and I would NEVER choose Lenovo for a future contract.

If I do not hear back from customer relations with a positive resolution, I will be FW my phonecalls to The Attorney General and BBB. Even if they don't fix my computer, I will make it way more expensive to deal with me that the $150.00 for the original repair.

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Re: The customer relations department still hasn't called!

Blue Screen Again
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Re: The customer relations department still hasn't called!

I dont like how lenovo lately ignores customers atleast the cech or slovak customer support reps in EU I have faulty W510s which are inhernet and riddled with faults and bugs problems yet they said (we have done investigation) ( never send them laptop) and concluded that its not possible to help you because we are going on holidays

Blue Screen Again
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Re: The customer relations department still hasn't called!


I am experiencing this right now. I bought a Lenovo Thinkpad a few months ago. I only had it for a short time before the motherboard went out. I contacted Lenovo, they sent me a box, and I sent the box into them with my thinkpad. 

Some time later, I received a phone call from technical support asking me to call back. I did. They said my motherboard would take weeks to get in from another country. I compromised and waited. Evetually I grew tired of waiting and called again. I asked about my warranty and if it would be extended since Lenovo has had my product longer than I have. 


That was when they escalated my case to corporate. I spoke with one woman first, told her my situation. Later, a man called me from corporate and told me they would be sending me a new tablet but August 22nd. It is now September 7th and no tablet. I've left four voicemails for the woman from corporate and I've the man two. I've also emailed the man twice with no response. The floor manager of technical support has even called and left messages for the corporate employees in charge of my case.


I also tried getting a refund but since "I" have had my tablet longer than ninety days (WHICH I HAVE NOT, LENOVO HAS) they will not return my money. 


Now, everytime I call anyone they tell me they can't handle my case since it's been escalated! I don't know what I am supposed to do and I feel like Lenovo has robbed me of my money. I'm considering contacting the Better Business Bureau within the week if I don't receive a response on this forum or via email or telephone. 

I'm a college student who doesn't just have that kind of money to donate to a corporation. 


I need help.

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Re: The customer relations department still hasn't called!



Sorry to hear this.   It has been a few days since your last post and I hope that things are now back on course and progressing toward a solution.   


If you are still stuck, can you send me a private message with your contact info and any case information you might have?  I'll see what can be done to move things along.




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