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Serial Port
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The revision of warranty policy in Thailand

The revision of warranty policy in Thailand for those who bought ‘ThinkPad’ abroad since starting of 2011


Whether it is 1st handed or 2nd handed, one that were bought abroad (whether bought by oneself or via E-Bay) must present the owning document (such as payment invoice or passport book to confirm the place and date of buying) to the Customer service to receive service such as repairing or changing accessories.

According to revision of this policy, it appears that Lenovo (Thailand) Limited has draft a rough policy which take advantage from consumers. By precedent policy, when a user carry-in a ‘ThinkPad’ to Service Center. Customer Service will check for the warranty status (which was bought along with) whether it is valid or invalid. If valid, customer service will restore or repair the product to make it ‘ready to use’. The ownership is anyhow not involved in the warranty service condition.


This policy affects foreigner corporate users who bring ‘ThinkPad’ to work in Thailand, that no one would bring their invoice along with them.

Besides, mentioning that to prevent the stolen one to claim for the service is sound weightless.
Because the owner would have inform the police and Center to secure the machine as normal procedure, which can be detected by Center and the Center can reject the service and secure the ‘ThinkPad’ for the owner.

Meanwhile, the 2011 policy takes effect to all the ‘ThinkPad’ including one that bought before the policy. That is not fair to all consumers in any way.

 You can inspect the THAI consumer’s dissatisfactions by this link : (sorry in Thai),13375.0.html


WHAT's happen to LENOVO.


thank you for taking the time to read our concern



Serial Port
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Re: The revision of warranty policy in Thailand

Today, lenovo care (Thailand) refused to repair thinkpad (in warranty) that bought from ebay or amazon.

Lenovo told us those are end of warranty.



Paper Tape
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Re: The revision of warranty policy in Thailand

Recently, the Lenovo service center in Thailand has been refusing to provide service for Lenovo and ThinkPad laptops from other countries, even though these laptops are still under warranty as shown on the Lenovo web site.  Their refusal has been based on a series of contradictory obstacles.  First, they required copies of import documents for all imported laptops.  But a few weeks later, they stated that the import documents were not enough to prove that the laptops were not stolen.  Then they demanded copies of the invoices from when the laptops were purchased.  Most of these were PayPal invoices, which were subsequently furnished as requested to the service center.


But it seems that PayPal invoices are no longer sufficient proof. The service center is now demanding original invoices only from authorized Lenovo dealers to prove the laptops are not stolen. Most of us have bought laptops legally from the US but not directly from Lenovo.  For example, I have a ThinkPad laptop bought from the US with the original packaging, the same serial number on the label, all original accessories, and a PayPal invoice that I bought the laptop.  It now has a display problem, but they refuse to fix it for me because they state that I don't have enough proof that I am the legal owner. This position is completely unreasonable, and no documents that I can provide seem to be enough proof.


I believe many ThinkPad users in the US bought their laptops used or on eBay as well.  It is almost impossible to acquire the documents now required to get service.  In comparison, the ThinkPad laptops bought in Thailand do not require these documents in order to obtain service.  The same Lenovo service provider in Thailand seems not to care whether they are stolen or not, and the laptops bought in Thailand are serviced without any special document requirements.


Is this fair? – Absolutely not!  Why is the Lenovo service center in Thailand assuming laptops are stolen if they were bought from overseas?  I believe that Lenovo, as well as many leading laptop manufacturers, have a database of stolen laptops, and any laptops that are not on the database should be accepted for service without any allegations or obstacles.  It is legal to buy laptops from outside the country, and the Lenovo warranty and service policies must allow for the repair of all legally purchased laptops.


Apart from this, Lenovo service center in Thailand also lately stops providing maintenance under ThinkPad protection service. It states clearly on US Lenovo web site that this accidental damage warranty applies to particular countries that this service is available. While Thailand is one of these countries, the service center insists that we carry the laptops back to the country where such warranty extensions are purchased in order to receive service.


Thailand's ThinkPad users require that Lenovo become aware of this unfair service practice and end this situation on behalf of all their customers who have purchased laptop products as soon as possible.

Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: The revision of warranty policy in Thailand

Hi ThaiThinkPad and weeraboon ,

I understand your frustration. It's digital world now that many consumers can easily purchase anything from internet. However, there will be a warranty concern for some products.

As far as i know, your machines are bought online from another country for use in Thailand. I'm afraid it will raise an issue of being a grey product, which i suspect it could be the reason for what is happening to you. Somehow, Lenovo Thailand may have another concern whether it is stolen or not.

According to IWS Terms and Conditions, some countries need proof of purchase or/and valid travel documents in order to get repair service. Leisure or business travellers should not be worried as long as they are able to provide valid travel documents.

Should you still have any doubts, PM me along with your full name, email, phone contact, serial number. I'll see what can be done.


T410, x240

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Serial Port
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Registered: ‎11-22-2008
Location: THAILAND
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Re: The revision of warranty policy in Thailand

Thanks Cleo, I understood your point about gray product .


But i have 2 questions;


1) If you really understood about digital world that the products can trade to over the world (in many times) why lenovo need to be identified the first hand owener who has lenovo's invoice. This invoice is the only thing that lenovo Thaind request when you bring the thinkpad to lenovo center.


Second hand owner or Third  hand owner, they don't always have the invoice. They only have paypal evidence.


Moreover we are so worried. we are not travellers who bring thinkpad to aboard. We, Thai people who bought thinkpad from internet for using it in Thaiand.


2)  If lenovo can not proof that the thinkpad is stolen, isn't it. Why lenovo does not response thinkpad that lenovo sold it with the warranty?


Even though in the legel world, we known that






Thank you,




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