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Thinkpad: a pleasure to use

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I have used that Samsung tablet and that Apple one. I mention them because they are supposed to be a pleasure to use. They are supposed to but they are not - they are just toys.

An X201 ( tablet or not ) indeed was a pleasure, it was a powerful small machine with which you could do anything. There are other small laptops I know but they are not better.

I have used other laptop brands - they were ok and they were fine. I don't like Apple, never did, never will.

I use for years my T series laptops - they too are a pleasure to use. I multiboot 3 systems from two disks - it is so much fun.

I know I have complains from time to time but the fact is I cannot imagine using another laptop. 




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Re: Thinkpad: a pleasure to use

Yeah...I have always been a fan of lenovo....My first lapatop is lenovo..i dont know what model it is though but I gave it to my mom and she's still using until now....

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