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Thinkpad warranty validity with S/N sticker missing

2008-04-20, 17:01 PM

I asked this question a while back on the thinkpads.com forum, but I would like to see if I can get an official word about this.

I bought my Thinkpad X31 through ebay. At the time, it had a couple weeks of warranty remaining. I bought a two-year warranty extension.

The Thinkpad, as it came to me, did not have any stickers on the base: ~300 kB picture. In particular, the model number/serial number sticker is missing. I think the laptop may have had some or all of the plastics replaced, but to be honest I know nothing about its history.

I got the model and serial numbers from PC Doctor and they are also in the BIOS. Based on that serial number, the machine was in warranty when I extended it.

Thankfully I haven't had the need to exercise the warranty yet, but if I do, what are Lenovo's procedures? Will a claim be accepted even though the stickers are missing? What will happen if the motherboard dies and I am unable to load the serial number from the BIOS? I have the invoice for warranty extension - would that be accepted as partial proof?

Thanks for any input.

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Re: Thinkpad warranty validity with S/N sticker missing

2008-05-04, 14:21 PM
looks like a new case since the old ram plates look totally worn out and yet the main base looks pretty much new..... i guess they would have to honor the warranty even without the stickers, as they could just retrieve the S/N from the memory stored in the laptop..... these happens quite a lot.... but it has been quite a while since they stopped making the X31....

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Re: Thinkpad warranty validity with S/N sticker missing

2008-05-05, 16:43 PM
I would suggest that this is a somewhat unique situation.  I would check the warranty entitlement web site to ensure your warranty extension is reflected, and I would keep a copy of you ebay transaction (which hopefully included a declaration by the seller of the MT & Serial number)  and I would keep a copy of your receipt (electronic or otherwise) from your upgraded warranty.
I suggest these things barring a catastrophic system board failure which would preclude identification of your system by other electronic measures.   I'm sure we would work with the customer, but the farther from the norm one gets, the more which might be required to receive service.
Best case - you never need the warranty, and your system runs smoothly until you decide to upgrade to newer technology.
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