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Trouble configuring matching quote to obtain price match

I ordered a system (M75E) below from Lenovo with pre-installed MS Office 2010. The system itself was around $500. The MS Office was about $300.


The system I received did not have MS OFFICE installed. When I called customer service I am told that my system was not ordered with MS OFFICE. I am 100% certain it did. Why would the system below cost over $900 dollars as configured?


Next I am told to 'generate a quote' for the identical system and I will have the difference refunded. I did so, as you can see. The total comes to $579. When I submit this I am told the quotes do not match because of "internal speakers". There is no charge for internal speakers. It is impossible to generate the same quote.


This is insane. I need someone to look at this and please give it some attention immediately. If I can't get this resolved I have no choice but to file a claim of fraud on my credit card and with the FTC. I don't know what else to do.


What would you do????


Please either refund the difference or send a key for MS OFFICE 2010. All I am asking for is what I have paid for.

You can PLAINLY see there is no way the system I ordered could have cost 900+ dollars.


Thank you.








Serial Number: MJLGAG6




        71Y9190   SBB AMD SEMPRON 145 AM3 PROC.        
        64Y6938   VBB OPER. SYS WN 7 PROF 32        
        0A55770   SBB W7PROF2 US-AP-ASEAN-UK        
        0A55428   SBB MECH PCG SFF 4X2,240W PSU        
        0A55949   VBB PC3-10600 1333MHZ DDR3        
        0A55954   VBB 4GB X 1DIMMS-4GB        
        64Y8051   SBB INTEGRATED VIDEO AMD RS760        
        64Y8053   SBB INTEGRATED HIGH DEF AUD        
        0A55441   SBB 250GB 7200RPM SATA        
        0A55455   SBB DVD-ROMDR16X/48XSATAWIN7        
        64Y8056   SBB INTEGRAT. GIGABIT ETHERNET        
        41T3509   SBB USB PRO FS KEYB-US ENGLISH        
        87H5944   SBB OPTICWM USB PRIMAX 400 DPI        
        29R9297   SBB LINE CORD US        
        0A55506   SBB PUBUSENGUS-AP-ASEAN MDLS        
Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Location: atlanta, ga
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Sales Support - follow up

I have been contacted by Lenovo and am getting some resolution on this.

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