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Very important!!! My credit card!!!

Hello LENOVO  Credit Card Services,


On 20 April 2012 I tried to make an order via your website.  I used an international visa credit card, so the order was refused with the following message:

"The bank did not approve the charges for the credit card provided. Please verify the information provided was accurate, contact your bank or enter another form of payment." Then I tried amazon Payment but the payment failed as well so I first cancel the transaction on Amazon Payment and then sent an request of cancellation of the order. The order number is 4240338330. 


The problem is that, despite the failed order due to the non-American credit card, my credit card bank recorded the transaction as successful and blocked the duplicate amount of the order from my free money. This means I cannot use that money until the transaction is closed.

The cancellation of this order was sent, but why Lenovo blocked duplicate amount of money in my credit card? My credit card bank asked me to contact you for help but everytime I called or wrote, there is no way for any assistance from your post-sale team. 

I'm almost out of money at the moment and waiting for your quick response. Please release the hold as soon as possible. 

Thank you...

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Re: Very important!!! My credit card!!!

Holds expire on their own after a few days.

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