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Very unhappy and frustrated customer..Somebody help me please!!!!

Last December I bought a 3000 H210 desktop computer from Fry's Electronics to replace an E-Machines computer that had a bad motherboard. I thought the price was good, and the sales person was talking about the quality of the product. Since then it has been a disaster!


About 3 weeks after I started using it the computer would not power up. I called tech support and they sent a tech with a new motherboard. That took a few days between shipping the part and scheduling the install.


Things seemed to work ok for a couple weeks. Then one day I turned on the computer to find the display jumping up and down so it was unreadable. Another call to Tech support...The fix was to unplug the computer and hold the power button down? It worked for a couple days and happened again. At this point I had called tech support at least 5 times and had 3 case numbers.


I let it be for a while as I am very busy with more important things in my life. I tried to use the computer again a few weeks later, and again the computer would not power up..Even after trying the unplug trick. I called tech support again and the decision was made to ship the CPU back to Lenovo for repairs. After the computer had been at the repair facility for a few days I received a call stating they could not duplicate my problem and the CPU was being shipped back to me with no repairs made! I get the computer back and it works..For a couple weeks.


The computer started doing the same thing, powering up sometimes and other times doing nothing. I made another call to tech support and was told a master reset had to be done...what about all the data I had paid a company to transfer to the Lenovo system from my old broken system? They asked me do go purchase a flash driver to save the data on. So I purchased one, and spent about 2 hrs transferring data. I then called tech support again to be walked through the process. The computer started working again..For about a week.


The computer stopped powering up again.I called tech support and started case #6 with them. I was told at that time that my warranty had expired..8 months after my purchase? The response was that the warranty started when the computer is built, not when it is purchased. I have never heard of such a thing. I am being penalized because their product sat on a shelf for 4 months? This time they sent a tech (same tech as the first repair) to install a new power supply..No change. The computer still would not power up. The techs advice was to call Lenovo and get the compter replaced.


I spoke to a supervisor named Nelson at tech support on 9/1 and pleaded my case. He promised a resolution by Friday 9/3. I never heard back from him. On Tuesday 9/7 I received a voice mail from a customer relations person named Janice asking me to call her back. I called her back about 30 minutes after her call and didn't get a call back. I called again on 3 different occasions and left her voice calls back. I called for the 4th time on Thursday 9/9 and was able to seak to her. She was very scatter brained and could not match my name/case number with my serial number. She finally figured it out and promised a call the next day.


It has now been a week since my conversation with her, and I have not even had a return phone call. I have left several messages and made calls hoping to catch her and find out the status of my case.


I am not sure what to do. Can someone please help me?





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