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Fanfold Paper
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W700ds warranty upgrade service?



My brother has a W700ds which came with a 3 year onsite warranty that expired today.  In early March we called Lenovo to enquire about pricing on warranty upgrades.  They were lower than we expected, but weren't ready to purchase at the time.  (Interestingly that representive insisted that Lenovo would upgrade the warranty for 5 [i]additional[/i] years, but I didn't believe him for obvious reasons.)


Around April 12th this year we called Lenovo to purchase the extension.  The first rep we reached claimed that only the post-warranty maintainance agreements were available for the system, but that would only be the case for systems out of warranty.  Called again later and purchased the 5 year onsite warranty upgrade.  However, the warranty status on the website never updated and as of today reads that the warranty is expired.


We have recieved the receipt from Lenovo and the charge appeared on the credit card.  About a week aago we called again to see if this was an error, but since we didn't have the receipt on hand we could give the order number to get anywhere.  The rep told us to send the details to him in an email.  When we found the receipt about an hour later we promptly did so.  No response


On the 22nd we called again to see if the warranty extension not appearing was an error.  The represenitive confirmed it was an error and said he will send us an email when it was corrected as apparently it would take a few [i]weeks[/i] for the website to be updated.  Thus far, no such email.


I am posting this here since I do not believe the phone support is going anywhere and hoping that someone here can help get this issue resolved quickly.



Lenovo Employee Ty_Lenovo
Lenovo Employee
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Re: W700ds warranty upgrade service?

Hey Blzut3,


I am sending you a PM to get more info from you so I can offer some assistance.



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