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Warranty Claim - Poor Experience So Far...

Dear Lenovo Customer Support,


I didn't ever want to resort to doing this, but the complete lack of action from your customer service telephone team and a complete lack of any follow-up action from Lenovo so far leaves me little choice...


I purchased my new G570 laptop in early November last year. I was very happy with it, and even purchased another Lenovo laptop product as a Christmas gift for my mother. My laptop had been working perfectly up until three weeks ago, when it started beeping continuously on power-up, and not booting. It seemed like a classic "keyboard boot error", so I double-checked that there were no stuck or damaged keys, without any joy.


After some experimentation, I found I could bypass the boot failure by pressing the F8 key, and then manually selecting the Windows boot option. The laptop then booted into Windows fine, but I found that I couldn't turn the volume down - pressing the Fn+Left Arrow did nothing, although the left arrow key by itself functioned normally, as did the Fn key for all other functions. It's just the specific combination of Fn+Left Arrow that was faulty. This to me seemed like a problem in the keyboard multiplexer circuitry, and not something related to a faulty keyswitch or other physical fault. I have never dropped any liquid onto the keyboard (in fact the whole unit still looks brand new), so that wasn't an issue either.


I rang the local Lenovo Service number in Australia, and was shunted around from IVR to IVR, cycling between various Indian call centres, all of whom apparently provided some form of after sales service, but but none of them Lenovo laptop warranty support. Bottom line, none of them were able to actually assist me. The best I got was being told that my laptop was out of warranty, which was just what I wanted to hear in my totally frustrated state.


Checking my serial number on the online warranty status tool also stated this, even though I had an original receipt with a purchase date of the November 2nd, 2011, clearly stated on it. I can also produce credit card statements to back up this purchase date. My understanding is that my laptop came with a full 12 months warranty, so it should be well inside its warranty period still.


After spending close to an hour on the phone, I practically had to beg a service agent to take my details, even though he claimed it was not his role. After another 15 minutes of checking my details, and recording the problem description, he gave me a Lenovo Fault Number of P48W7PN, and stated that a local service person in Australia would call me back later that day.


It's been almost three week, and the silence has been deafening.


So I have a laptop that is just 8 months old that Lenovo claims is not under warranty, and no-one from Lenovo seems to give a tinker's cuss about me. I don't feel that Lenovo cares about me at all.


Your customer support telephone service is an exercise in frustration, and is a guaranteed way to raise one's blood pressure...


Is anyone from Lenovo actually able to assist me by:


1) Providing me confirmation that my laptop actually IS still under warranty, and


2) Providing me with the details of a local service agent in Armidale , NSW, Australia, who can test and replace the keyboard assembly, or replace the entire chassis, if that's what is required.



Yours frustratedly,



lead_org Microsoft MVP Contributor
Microsoft MVP Contributor
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Re: Warranty Claim - Poor Experience So Far...

@Martin, i have sent you a private message, have a look.

Jin Li

May this year, be the year of 'DO'!

I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft
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Re: Warranty Claim - Poor Experience So Far...



Apologies for the experience that you have had so far - it sounds as though, for reasons unknown, that you were routed into sales support rather than warranty support phone lines.


I appreciate that you shared you have a G570 systems, and the case number.   In case that this doesn't help us locate your information, would you also send me a private message with your contact information (name, address and best phone to reach you, and also the system serial #).


We will ensure follow up!


Best regards,



Paper Tape
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Re: Warranty Claim - Poor Experience So Far...



What happened? Did the problem get fixed?

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