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Warranty Issues - who to contact?

2016-12-12, 19:58 PM

Hi all.


I purchased a Lenovo Yoga 710, model # 80U0000FUS from Best Buy on 8/17/2016  for personal use in my Master's program. In late September, I started noticing some unresponsiveness from the touch screen, and the problem worsened with some time. So before October 24th I started contacting Lenovo Customer Service, and did a hard reset and system restore to factory settings as they requested. I was able to reach the customer service manager at this point, who told me that since I was out of the return period, they could not provide a full refund or replacement unless they attempted repairs. The problem persisted, so they sent me a box arriving October 28th, which I shipped back October 31st, so it should have arrived to the Kentucky service depot by November 4th at the latest.


The first update I received on my computer status was on November 3rd, where the website repair status check showed that the laptop had been diagnosed and the part was unavailable.


I called the customer service number a few weeks later on November 28th and 29th - on the 28th I was unable to get in touch with anyone, and on the 29th I was informed by a customer service representative that the part was getting in that day. At this point I asked for the contact information for the service depot to get direct answers about the status of the repair, but was refused my request.


On December 1st (almost a month after first diagnosis) the part was supposedly received and a new disgnosis was done (" A Lenovo Service Technician has been assigned to diagnose and repair your machine. We expect the repair to be completed within 101 to 103 business days." ).


On Decemer 5th, the website shows the update that another part is needed for repair, but then four hours later it showed that the repair was underway but would take 113 to 115 business days to complete.


Yet the next day December 6th, the website shows the update that yet another part is needed for a repair (yikes).


The last update the website shows is that a diagnosis/repair is underway to be completed in another 119 to 121 business days. I called today December 12th and got in touch with a lower tier customer service representative. I asked for an update on my repair, and was told that because the machine was just received December 7th, 2016 that the repairs had just begun (????????????).


At this point I asked for contact information for a case resolution manager or customer service supervisor or the repair depot but was again denied. So instead I confirmed my contact information and was told that I would be contacted with another update by the end of this week. I was told the repair was flagged as high priority as well.


At this point, I have no clue what to do. I have been denied my requests to speak to a higher-up representative about the status of my order. I mean, I have been without my laptop for almost two months by now, after just two months of usage (the laptop was purchased as brand new). I am a graduate student and need my laptop for notes and research, which is the reason I purchased a lenovo in the first place as it is a professional brand of laptops. Yet their customer care is not so professional - I am constantly denied contact information, and I have no idea what is going on with my laptop.


On top of all this, I keep seeing other dissatisfied customers with the same complaints, and now I fear what will happen when I am returned my laptop - if the problem persists, or if the laptop is returned damaged. At this point, it seems they will have my laptop until the warranty runs out (121 business days for a repair? really? that's about five months... at this point I won't get to usee my laptop at all for the next academic semester. I don't have an extra $800 to purchase a temporary laptop, and Lenovo did not even consider sending me a loaner laptop in the meantime).


I will be contacting the better business bureau  next monday if I do not receive an update by the end of this week - I have no clue what to do. If anyone has any advice or contact information to offer for a solution, that would be great.




update 9:25 pm: So this isn't suspicious at all - but 7ish hours after making this post I received an e-mail from Lenovo that said my repair was completed. Very interesting. I will update again for anyone who happens to see this post in the future - I am not expecting the laptop to be returned in the same condition it was sent, but I took pictures before sending it so at least I will have proof in any case.



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Re: Warranty Issues - who to contact?

2017-02-14, 5:47 AM

good for you.  all i want to do now is just purchase an extended warranty for a lenovo desktop that i am about to purchase from a reseller here in the philippines.  all the contact numbers and extension numbers i have been dialling that i got from their website it's either no one is answering or their having system problem at the moment.


i am now reconsidering my choice of brand if i can't even get an extended warranty information or contact person from lenovo because this is what the reseller is telling me to do now.  The reseller could not give me the extended warranty because i can only get it directly from lenovo.  the reason for me posting this is i still want lenovo the chance to reply and direct me to the right person/department where i can buy the extended warranty for the lenovo desktop.




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Re: Warranty Issues - who to contact?

2017-11-03, 21:49 PM

Hi. I'm also from Phil. Do you have an update regarding to where/who to contact directly Lenovo here in the Phil? I would also like to extend my laptop's warranty but all the customer support gave me resellers/suppplier's number that are unable to contact. Have you already extended your warranty?

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