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Blue Screen Again
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Warranty Problems - 5 months later I still have a broken laptop, please help!

In December, my laptop starting resetting itself (still in warranty). Its now May, and Lenovo are still refusing to give me a refund or a replacement. I feel I've been very understanding and patient at all the slow failed attempts to deal with the problem, but I'm completely fed up now.
I'm a student, so having a reliable laptop is obviously really helpful, but I've spent many weeks of this year without a laptop whilst Lenovo have tried to repair it, and the rest of the time I've had a laptop that resets without warning which means I sometimes lose work even though I save my work regularly and back it up. 
In January, it was sent to be repaired, they replaced the hard drive, but the problem still kept happening when it came back in February. 
In February, it was sent to be repaired again. They couldn't replicate the problem so claimed it was working fine (even though I had sent evidence that it wasn't fine, each reset left reports in the reliability monitor about bug report 124 and that it was a hardware error). So they sent it back unchanged after several weeks. Lenovo told me if the problem was still happening that they would refund or replace it.
However, when I reported it still did happen, they said actually it was Lenovo's policy that there must be three failed repairs before they would do that.
So in March I sent it off again to be repaired, this time they acknowledged again there was a fault, but they just replaced the hard drive. If it happened before even after the hard drive was replaced, I don't understand how they thought changing the hard drive again would somehow fix the problem? No one at Lenovo has explained how this may have helped despite me asking, does anyone have any theories?


Either way, it came back in April after this third repair, and the problem still happens, so whilst this was very frustrating, as I had been waiting so long for a solution and the second and third repair attempts seemed doomed to fail, I was at least happy that finally Lenovo would refund the laptop. The case was 'escalated' many weeks ago, but it takes up to a week to get a reply from case managers about the problem. And somehow I seem to have two separate ones, but neither have offered a refund or a replacement yet, despite being told after the second and third repair that I would be offered this. One of them has said I have to have it repaired again, this time by an onsite engineer, and then maybe they'll look into an alternative. Since then I've heard nothing, the engineer hasn't tried to get in touch, and the case manager hasn't answered my various questions or emails. I don't want this repair anyway, I'm fed up of all the failed attempts. I want to know why Lenovo misled me about the three repair policy? Were they lying or mistaken? What is Lenovo's actual policy on refunding a laptop if so many repairs fail? Considering how I've been waiting since 2017 for a solution, what has to happen for me to just be offered a refund? They've hinted if the onsite repair fails then alternative solutions can be looked at, but how do I know they mean it this time, as I was told that when it came back after the second and third repairs?
Does anyone have any advice? How do I get them to answer my questions and give me a refund instead of messing me about. I'm leaving the country in a few weeks for a long time and want to be sure I'll have a resolution by then, as I'll need a working laptop with me.

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