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Fanfold Paper
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Accepted Solution

Warranty Registration

Is there a way to register the warranty, or do you just need to provide your purchase receipt in case of warranty repairs?

Retired Employee
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Re: Warranty Registration

hey dwmlem,

the registration of warranty is to be done by the reseller. Thus do refer back to your reseller to get your warranty registered

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Punch Card
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Re: Warranty Registration

Paper Tape
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Re: Warranty Registration

I bought my laptop yesterday, tried to get my warranty information on lenovo web site, entered serial number and it told me that my warranty will be finished at 2014-08-15, so looks like I loose 3 months of warranty. I'm not that worried about it (still 33 months I have), but is here anything that can be done?


Also I tried to use link given by IggyAZ, the first step is to select country, I choose Ukraine and get the following message:


<div class="productRegistrationNA">Not Available for selected Country/Region</div>


- can't registered product in Ukraine? when I asked for warranty information it told me that laptop is in Ukraine... something weird isn't it..

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Re: Warranty Registration

[ Edited ]

Serge1410 wrote:
hey dwmlem,

the registration of warranty is to be done by the reseller. Thus do refer back to your reseller to get your warranty registered

I think we need a detailed explanation as to how that process works to ensure our product gets properly registered by the reseller. So let's see, I bought my B575 from Best Buy. The salesperson takes the box off of a shelf and scans the label for a price check. He quotes the price and I pay him. Now, am I supposed to assume that Best Buy has some automated process that captures my serial number and electronically delivers it to Lenovo for warranty registration? I think not, so here is how to make sure your product gets registered and you get the full duration of your warranty (starting from your date of purchase... not from the date of manufacture):


How to Register My Lenovo Laptop 


First, forget the online registration because it does not work properly. I did it and they only ask for your model number and serial number; however, when you go back in to verify your registration, it just sits there when you hit the submit button.


The best way to register is to call Lenovo and register it directly with someone in their warranty department. When I did it, the agent was very nice and he made sure my warranty started on my date of purchase (if the agent doesn't ask, tell him when you purchased the laptop). So, after registration, I asked him if I would be able to verify my registration online and he said "no" because there are some problems with that and he wouldn't explain further. Anyway, I asked him how my warranty details could be verified in case I need to use it and "he gave me a case numember" to retain and use if needed. He guaranteed me that Lenovo would be able to retrieve my warranty information by that case number. Protect yourself and make sure you can verify your registration because I don't think Best Buy has a back-room operation to register your warranty with Lenovo.


Good luck!

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Re: Warranty Registration

Hello original poster,


Did you ever get the answer you were looking for and/or get your issue resolved?


Please let us know.


Your feedback is important to the community.

What's DOS?
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Re: Warranty Registration