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Why my China credit card has been charged??

I placed the order via phone a weeks ago.


The sales said Lenovo can’t accept credit card issued by the foreign bank.


So the order seems not taking effect.


But, I received the short message from China bank that I’ve been charged the same money of that order. Furthermore, it charges two times!


My order is worth of $1250.95. I received two charges with each time $1250.95 at noon.


What the hell is going on?


I then called to China bank and they said these money has been frozen by Lenovo. Lenovo can take the money away at anytime they want.


I called the customer service of Lenovo but I even did not get the order mail but only quote mail.


They said they could not handle the deal because I could not provide the order number.


What can I do?

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Re: Why my China credit card has been charged??

welcome to the forum!


your bank should have explained that this is a temporary hold and will disappear automatically in a few days.   typically this doesn't impede your spending limits in any way.   it appears on your account as a temporary authorization and never converts into a full charge.   the two are vastly different.


give it a few business days (since it's now the weekend) and the temporary holds will disappear.

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