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Worst Experience Ever

2019-06-06, 3:58 AM

This has been truly the worst customer experience I've ever encountered in my life. It's actually been going on for so long now with zero progress being made for the past 2 weeks. I am a freelancer, and I have made abundantly clear to the call centre staff and the manager at the centre I spoke to that I require my laptop for my work.

When I first called about the repair centre on the 13th of May 2019, we went through a few procedures to try and turn my computer on again. The issue I was having was the laptop would not power on despite the charging lights indicating it was charging. After failing to restart the computer I explored the repair process with the same call centre staff.

I was assured on 3 things:
1. It was still under warranty and so if there was found to be a defect it would be replaced. (The call centre operative also said that they honour a 2 year warranty period despite the product only staying 1 year)
2. As I was interstate, I was assured by the call centre operative that I would be able to have the laptop picked up from the servicesd apartments I was staying at in NSW and then returned to my home address in QLD (where I would be after the 10 day repair period).
3. The repair would take 10 days and the courier service would pick up the package straight away and deliver it back once repaired or replaced promptly, and I would be alerted throughout the process. This was a big concern for me as I require the laptop for work.

It is now almost a month later. At the beginning the courier company actually did not pick up the parcel to begin with (whether due to lack of communication from Lenovo or something else) instead of it being picked up the following day I was forced to stay at the serviced apartments with the only indication of their arrival being between 9am and 5pm.

I called everyday to find out when they would come and each time the call centre staff were extremely unhelpful and did not seem to know what was going on. Eventually after 4 days of being forced to not leave the apartment the courier arrived and picked up the broken laptop.

It should be noted that once before it was picked up and once after in a follow up call I made I tripled checked that they had the pick up address and the other delivery address correct, explaining again that it would be different addresses. This was understood clearly in both communications.

The following week I had no response from Lenovo's team except the emails that were informing me that something had happened, however the links did not actually take me anywhere where I could see it understand what actions had been conducted.

At the beginning of week 3 of this ordeal I was contacted by a call centre staff member who asked me how my laptop was and how the experience was. I was baffled as I had not received it and again was forced to stay home due to not knowing when the courier would arrive with it. I told him there must be a mistake because I do not have it. He then says no you've signed for it you must have it. I tell him I have signed for NO deliveries.

Realising what must have happened I asked what was the delivery address and was given the incorrect NSW serviced apartment pick-up address instead of my residential address. Frustrated I explained what happened and urged him to check my file and find the correct address. He found it but still insisted I was the one who signed for it. Eventually he realised what happened and began trying to fix the situation.
I called again on Wednesday 29 May for an update and demanded to be put through to a manager. I was told the manager would call back later that day. I received no call. I called back again Thursday and was told he would definitely call me back when he arrived in the office. This time I did get a call back. He assured me that he would personally handle my case. I told him I wanted a laptop by next week. Whether that's a replacement or my actual laptop I do not care, but I want this whole stupid careless ordeal to be finished with one way or another. He assured me I would have my laptop by the following week. I also called the serviced apartments in NSW to ensure they still had my laptop. At the time they said they did.

Come Monday I receive a call from Lenovo asking me again how my laptop was doing and how I found the service. I was enraged at this point as obviously this person has just not bothered to read any of my case notes. I informed him about the details of Lenovo shipping my work laptop to the wrong address and obviously failing to pick it up. He said he would look into this. I also called the serviced apartments again and found the laptop was still allegedly there. They also said that 2 delivery drivers failed to turn up despite the courier company calling ahead to inform the reception staff at the apartments.

It is now Thursday the 6th of June and as of this morning the laptop still remains at the incorrect address.

I have now gone almost 4 weeks without the device I use for work.

For the past 14 days my computer has been sitting at the wrong address with nothing being done about.

I have lost income and jobs because of the incompetency of your staff. They have made assurances they cannot keep. They have evidentlh done absolutely nothing to resolve my case.

This if you can believe it is a shortened version of events. I have called the call centre upwards of 15 times in the past 4 weeks.

I want a laptop of the same model and build as my own delivered to me at my home address ASAP. I want to get on with my life. I want to get on with my work. I want to never have to deal with this level of incompetency and disregard for someone's livelihood again.

This has been a disgraceful show from Lenovo. I have never felt so hopeless and faithless in a customer service team in my life.


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Re: Worst Experience Ever

2019-06-06, 4:47 AM

Wow!! That’s terrible. Thank you for sharing. I’ve had similar but not as bad as mine hasn’t been shipped off yet. I really dread that having to happen. It’s so time consuming to have to call and have them troubleshoot all to get nowhere each time. And it’s really frustrating that they don’t read all the case notes prior to calling you when you ask for a call whether it be ASAP or scheduled and then ha e to start from square 1 each and every single time. Every minute I’m in the phone having to call them dollars are being lost on my end also. ?? Mime is also still under warranty for a few weeks longer. I fear they will drag this out and then, oh well...it’s not their problem which I wont stand for. It’s plain and simple....I want a machine that works the way it was promised to work when I ordered it. ? 


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Re: Worst Experience Ever

2019-06-07, 6:13 AM

Hello TRoberts11, welcome to the Community,


Sorry to have to read about your experience and can understand your frustration. I reached out to Customer Care in Australia requesting you be contacted, if that hasn't already happened please keep an eye on your email in-box.




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