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Wrong screen delivered - Lenovo promised replacement never sent!

Hi, I bought a T220 for work last May. It was advertised with "Outdoor view" screen, and delivered with an ordinary screen of shockingly poor quality. Here in Sweden, the support goes through IBM, and they quickly took on my case. I couldn't return it to the seller, since our work agreement actually states that incorrectly stated items are not covered since they get the info from the manufacturer.


IBM contacted Lenovo, who confirmed that they gave the wrong information and that they would fix it. They did not, and never contacted me. IBM got tired of the case and stopped responding to my mails. So I got stuck with a unit that can't be used outside, even though I thought I was ordering the only model with "Outdoor view". I offered to have them swap out the screen to an IPS after I was told that there is no outdoor view, only default and IPS.


This is easily the worst customer service I have ever encountered. My Dells all broke, but were quickly repaired under warranty, and you can always email them to get a reply. Fujitsu-Siemens was just as fast. Where is the email contacts for Lenovo support? They can't be contacted, and even after agreeing to fix the situation, just don't bother to contact you? Extraordinarily unprofessional.


Of course I have all records of my mails, including those where Lenovo states that it is their fault and that they will contact me to fix it. That was like 6 months ago!


Will someone from Lenovo fix this for me? I can forward you all mails which spell out the situation.


Thanks, /Ram

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