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Paper Tape
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[X1 Carbon gen 4] Cracked screen and poor service

On Aug 27th, I found there are stripes on the screen of my almost brand new X1 carbon 4th generation (bought it in April 2016). I always keep it very safely in a seperate laptop bag so I thought it might be some manufactural defect. So I called the lenovo technical support and explained the situation and sent it back to lenovo.



(Photo above was before I sent it to lenovo)


Several days later I called again to check the status and was told that my screen was cracked and it's not covered by the warrenty so they have to charge me $650 to fix it. I denied their offer and asked them to send it back to me. When I finally get it today the screen is a lot worse than when I sent it in. 



(Photo above was when I got it back)


So I called again and they started to transfer my call back and forth between technical support and the depot department but no one's tryting to fix anything. What makes me even angrier is that after I explained the whole issue to the depot lady, her reply was:" What do you want then? Have us send someone to your home and fix it?" 


I'm so DISAPPOINTED in lenovo now. Both their products and service. I will NEVER buy any lenovo products again and I will persuade my family and friends not to make the same mistakes,too.


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Re: [X1 Carbon gen 4] Cracked screen and poor service

Once the screen is broken, it will be readily damaged further. Comparing your two photographs, the original crack has spread to the edges of the screen. Even careful handling could easily cause cracks to spread in a damaged screen; a change in temperature might have been enough to cause the additional damage. You cannot reasonably blame Lenovo, their warranty provider and any couriers used for the additional damage.


A broken screen is ordinarily excluded from the warranty, though would be covered by accidental damage protection if you purchased that additional extra. Unless you can show that the screen more likely than not failed due to an inherent defect rather than accidental impact, you will have to pay for any repair. It is almost certain the issue was accidental impact; the screen broke right in the middle where the lid will be most flexible and your bag's padding could only provide limited protection.


I know it sucks, but there really is little alternative to paying for a new screen. I don't know how household insurance works in the US, but if this is your personal laptop and you have contents insurance, it is possible that policy will provide coverage for movable possessions outside the home.

Paper Tape
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Re: [X1 Carbon gen 4] Cracked screen and poor service

There is no way this could be an accidental damage.


As I said, it was always kept in a seperate, fully padded laptop sleeve, which provides enough protection. Plus I NEVER droped it or hit it or anything. There was only the laptop sleeve with my laptop, my notebook (100 pages tops), and the power cord and adapter in my backpack. So there is no chance that I crack it accidentally.


Plus, if you really look at the "original crack" spot, isn't it the place where the trackpoint at? So now I'm thinking it's Lenovo's bad quality control which leads to the uneven surface of the keyboard. In that case, even daily use like opening and closing the lid would possibly cause the crack since the trackpoint is higher than the whole keyborad and will result in force concentration.


I'm still waiting on Lenovo to reply. And of course I can reasonably blame Lenovo. Their product breaks during daily use without any accident and the customer service they provide is far from good. This is so disappointing.

Paper Tape
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Re: [X1 Carbon gen 4] Cracked screen and poor service

This occurred with my X1 yoga too. The internal crack is in the bottom middle of the screen, kind of hard to squeeze or bend there. This is clearly a build issue. Unfortunately ThinkPad build quality AND customer service has gone down over the years. I'm going to send mine in for repair soon. I'm sure it will be a nightmare to get them to fix it. 


With my last ThinkPad X1 the screen starting registering ghost input. I sent it in for repairs. They replaced the motherboard, which didn't fix the ghosting. They also sent it back damaged. I had to send it back again and it took them a month to repair it. I had already purchased the X1 yoga so it was too late to bail on Lenovo, but after this I'm done. 

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