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Paper Tape
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X121e left hinge issue - Warranty



I have long been a supporter of IBM and Lenovo products and have recommeded them to many people over the years due to their reliability and customer service.


So when it came to looking for a new lghtweight laptop, I turned straight to the latest thinkpad range and eventually settled on the x121e.


I think this is a great little machine being both light weight and compact and is great for when I'm travelling on business.


This was until recently when I noticed the left hinge was forcing the top of the case to lift when opening / closing the lid.  On closer investigation, it appears that the screw which is suppose to hold the top and bottom of the case together has somehow let go of the top of the case and cannot be tightened or unscrewed from the case.


Ok I thought, I'll just give the support team call and get this fixed under the warranty. 


After initially logging the fault and emailing a few pictures of the hinge, I got a reply from support team advising that they classed this as "Customer Damage" and as such, was not covered under warranty.


What the hell!!  This has broken through the normal use of opening and closing the lid!  The laptop has never been dropped or abused in anyway.  When not in use it is packed away in a heavily padded bad to keep it safe.


On calling the support team to find out how they had arrived at this conclusion, I was told that hinges are not covered under warranty and this is classed as normal wear and tear which also isn't covered under the warranty.  Do they think their customers are that stupid to accept this for a laptop that is only 8 months old.


I have now had to log a formal complaint, but I am far from happy with the service received so far.  Had I known the customer service levels had fallen to this level, I would cetainly not have bought the laptop!


At worst, if they still refuse to repair it under warranty, the I'll be returning the laptop for a full refund under my consumer rights as "not fit for purpose".

Paper Tape
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Re: X121e left hinge issue - Warranty

Formal complaint has now been logged for over 48hrs and yet still no contact.

How rubbish can you get - think I might just go return the laptop to the shop where I bought it from and never touch Lenovo or IBM again.
Paper Tape
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Re: X121e left hinge issue - Warranty

HEY - Please get in touch - I have EXACTLY the same issue (and am getting  the same response) - we need to get our Fault Logs linked as this is clearly a defect in the product.


The left hand hinge - the screw no longer holds it in place ... in actuality for me the screw goes "straight through" the base cover and screws into the hinge .. .so there is nothing to connect the hinge to the base cover. ... something has broken away - probably an internal part of the base cover - that stops the screw going all the way through. I suspect this would have been a weak plastic part ?!?


I am thinking maybe a longer screw with a washer could resolve the problem (the washer would effectively give the screw purchase on the base when screwing into the hinge) ... but I don't know where I would get such a screw (it would need to be a pretty exact lenght with a low profile head to prevent it sticking out of the base and creating a different sort of problem)



However, in the meantime I am battling with Lenovo as - like you - they say this is "Customer Damage" and not covered by warranty.   I am refuting this as I treat my laptop ultra-careful and it is in pristine condition -  this has occured from simply openign and lcosign the lid.


They are tellign me to send it away to Colchester at my expense and then they will take a look at it and tell me how much it will cost to repair ... or if I don't want to pay then they would then return it to me.


I am slightly hampered by the fact that my warranty expires in 15 days - so for me it is an 11-motnh problem instead of an 8-month problem.


Anyway - please "Private Message" me and I will share my fault log with you, and if you give me yours we can try and do a double-pronged attack!


Link to picture



EDIT:  also found these threads which surely now prove that this is a design fault


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Paper Tape
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Re: X121e left hinge issue - Warranty

I have the exact same problem but in my case the left hinge problem has popped up after I sent the laptop for repair. The moment I got the laptop back I saw that the left hinge seemed loose on my Y470P.  Well they also took out 4GB RAM out of the 8GB RAM I originally had Smiley Happy

Paper Tape
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Re: X121e left hinge issue - Warranty

Hey all, any luck with this? Same problem here.

What's DOS?
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Re: X121e left hinge issue - Warranty

Been having the same issue on my Y470p for the past six months and my laptop is a year old. Anyone manage to get this covered under warranty?

Paper Tape
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Re: X121e left hinge issue - Warranty

I had the same problem recently and had it fixed under my extended warranty, but not without a struggle.


I first logged the call and an engineer and parts arrived. He notified me that the parts sent were not correct.


I then got a call telling me that he had identified it as customer damage and therefore not covered. This was simply not the case and escalated the call to a complaint.


I then got a call asking me to send the laptop into the workshop. At tis point I simply didn't trust Lenovo support, they refused to answer any of my questions or give me any explanation or evidence for why decisions had been made. I therefore pointed out that the extended warranty was for an on-site repair and that is what I expected to be done.


Finally the correct parts had been dispatched and a different (and actually perfectly nice) engineer came and made the repair. The problem was a small clip at the back which had failed, quite evidently a result of the cantilever design of the laptop screen.


My next course of action has that worked would have been the UK Financial Ombudsman who have the ability to arbitrate/mediate in these cases. I would have had not qualms about going that way, Lenovo support simply wanted to not honour the terms of the warranty by citing false claims with no evidence.


I've worked as a ICT department head for many years and never had to accept these decisions without and explanation or evidence from any company. My advice to those in a similar position is to keep calm, stick to your guns and keep clearly to the terms of your contract.


I will not be buying Lenovo in future. I woud advise againt buying an extended warranty.

What's DOS?
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Re: X121e left hinge issue - Warranty

I too have an X121e with the left hand hinge issue. The machine is less than 14 months old and gets little use. Currently battling with the insurance company who issued an additional 2 year warranty and 3 year accidental damage policy which offered "Total Peace of Mind".

What's DOS?
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Re: X121e left hinge issue - Warranty

The Lenovo forum never lets me down! Just had with issue with a user's machine. Time to hunt down a replacement bottom plate!

What's DOS?
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Re: X121e left hinge issue - Warranty

SJR - 2.jpg


This is my 4th case of X121e Left Hinge issues - Is there a product recall for this model?

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