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Blue Screen Again
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Yoga 700-11|SK - Repair cannot be completed under the manufacturer’s warranty

I had a problem with my yoga 700 11". The laptop freezes every so often (3-6 hours). At first I thought it's the drivers that need to be updated, then Windows 10 updates, then BIOS update.I tried all of that but the problem still persisted. I did the recovery reset but still the same... I created Linux system on USB flash drive and booted the laptop with it. Even under Linux the laptop was freezing.
I contacted lenovo support team and they said the laptop needs to be repaired and they send me the return free postage vocher. I put my laptop in the original box and posted it as I was instructed (for some reason it was send to Germany). The company name that issued me with the postage slip was 

MEDION AG - A Lenovo Company

After 13 days I got an email saying:

After assessing your device, the repair center has deemed that a repair cannot be completed under the manufacturer’s warranty due the case of the device showing signs of inappropriate treatment.


There were two pdf documents attached to the email. one with the detailed photos of the damage ( see photo attached) and the other one, the cost estimate document. 
In the document I was given two options:

1. accept the cost of repair (£54.65)
2. not accept and the laptop would be return to me (I would be still charged fat price of £44.07)

My reply was that I do not recall the laptop having this damage and I always looked after it. I was suprised when I saw the photo. I also added that my main concern was that the laptop freezes and this problem should be addressed first. The last thing I want is to pay for a repair of a damage that I did not do and still have the problem of freezing... anyway I needed the laptop so I decided to accept the repair cost and pay for it.

Later I was thinking about it and this Lenovo Yoga 700 is not the cheapest laptop. Maybe it is not the most expensive one but it is definietely not the cheapest. It is around £600. You would expect some level of quality from a laptop of this price range. Quality and perhaps durability? This laptop is advertised as a convertible device where the screen can be flipped 360°. Is it possible that this flipping could lead to that damage? Only if Lenovo built this laptop with low quality materials or with faulty design. I cant think of how I would possibly perform this "inappropriate treatment". The only damaged thing is hinge the rest of the laptop is spotless. Of course it is possible that I really did it, as much as it is possible the damage happened when they tried to take the laptop apart during the repair. This sounds even more possible.

Anyway, that is the story so far. 


Blue Screen Again
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎07-30-2016
Location: GB
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Re: Yoga 700-11|SK - Repair cannot be completed under the manufacturer’s warranty

quick update:
today I got a letter from Medion. It is an Estimate of cost. I am attaching it below.
I really like how they describe the damages of my laptop  as they "... have obviously been caused by inappropriate treatment ...". Sorry lenovo (medion) that I had not kept it in a cupboard so it is safe from "inappropriate treatment"... does opening laptop is still ok or it is inappropriate? maybe you should open it only once a month or maybe if you do it you should be doing it very very slowly or maybe you should not open it too wide, like more than 360°? It is so cool that you have these awesome features like 360° screen opening, that you should not use because it is inappropriate. 

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