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complain about a warranty issues not solved sine 9 months

I bought a ThinkPad X201t at Brünings&Sandner in Munich at 26.11.2010 (NU7FWGE, 1006045, Kd.Nr. 43088). One week later a 1cm big black stripe appeared in the middle of my LCD-Display. A clear warranty issue Brünings&Sandner explained me, but because I had to go to Egypt, it was not possible for me to be without my computer for 2 weeks for repairing. So Brünings&Sandner suggested to buy a 24 hours warranty extension for Egypt, which I did (1101608). I also bought a Thinkpad travel AC/DC adapter (1101714). The adapter I plugged in the electricity outlet and it started to smoke, not even connected to the computer. So I went again back to Brünings&Sandner, a clear warranty issue they explained me, but they don´t have a new Adapter in stock, so I should solve it easy with my warranty extension in Egypt. After registering my warranty extension it took quite a long time and many phone calls with the service hotline of Lenovo to put me in contact with somebody responsible. After finding REDINGTONegypt as a service partner and calling them, they explained me that such a on-site service extension is not existing in Egypt (I wonder why I paid the money) and I have to come to them. So I went there with a taxi (quite a long way for me), they explained it is a clear warranty issue, but they have to order the screen and it will take 4 weeks. The Thinkpad travel AC/DC adapter they cannot repair or change, because it is not available here in Egypt. 4 weeks later, on my 2nd way to REDINGTONegypt somehow (I really don’t know how) the Wacom-board on top of the LCD-screen broke. At REDINGTONegypt they explained me now, they cannot fix my LCD, because now I have a broken Wacom-board, which is not warranty covered. And it is one part and they will not fix it, even if I pay it myself. I insisted to fix the LCD screen, because the wacom-board is a separate part, but they refused. At home the Lenovo service hotline explained me, that they have to fix the warranty issues and the broken wacom board I have to pay separate. They also said, that REDINGTONegypt has to replace my Thinkpad travel AC/DC, this will take 2 weeks, but no problem. So calling REDINGTONegypt again, they wanted me to come again to their shop. There I had again no luck with my Thinkpad travel AC/DC adapter and concerning the LCD screen they offered me the following “solution”: I should pay 1000$ in advance and they order a new LCD screen/wacom board and will install it for extra money in 4 weeks. I refused, because this amount is probably more than the whole broken notebook is worth after this year. So now, 9 months later, after I bought a new Lenovo X201t, which was broken since the first week and what is a clear warranty issue and having since 8 months a travel AC/DC adapter, broken from day one, after many phone calls with service hotlines and many hours in taxi to go to REDINGTONegypt, what you suggest? I am a very patient person, I used Lenovo/IBM products for many years, but this is my last attempt to find a appropriate and working solution for this problem. I will not pay 1000$ to repair also the warranty issues. I am also not bothered by the crack in the wacom board, it is fully functioning, but I am bothered by the black stripe in the LCD and a continuously broken travel AC/DC adapter, both clear warranty issues, not solved since 9 months and spending several hundred dollars and many hours in phone calls and taxi journeys and buying a warranty extension which is not worth the paper on which it is printed!

Who can help me???



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Re: complain about a warranty issues not solved sine 9 months

hey bauriedel,

could you pm the following :

MTM [machine type model]:

(To locate MTM -

Date of Purchase:
Case/Order Number : (if any)

Screenshot of Error(if applicable) : (upload it to a hosting site and paste the link here)

Description of issue :

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