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crazy international pricing

2008-05-20, 23:26 PM

I was shopping for a laptop for my wife - she really likes the X61 and I think it looks like a great machine. The other thing we are looking it is a Macbook.

However I've found the international pricing quite bizarre.

In the US both entry level X61 and macbook are the same price (~$1000).

However in the UK, the macbook is £600 but the lenovo is £1,300 - more than twice as much and for what seems like a much more outdated model (1.6Ghz vs 2.1Ghz).

In Brazil the results are the same - the Macbook is R$ 3,000 where the x61 is $5,500.

What is going on here? I know prices don't follow currencies exactly but when comparing models like this - what would be a very competitive alternative to a macbook in the US is completely out of reach elsewhere. Does anyone outside the US actually buy lenovo? (apart from business). Am I just checking at a bad time prior to a big upgrade or do Lenovo always gouge their international customers like this? I have to admit I thought apple were pretty bad but this is rediculous.

Is there any educational discount available in the UK? Even if there is it's hard to imagine it could get the x61 back to being competitive with the macbook.


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Re: crazy international pricing

2008-05-22, 12:44 PM
Jeezz.... thas rather expensve.  For that kind of money it would be cheaper to buy one from the US, fly over and pick it up then pay any fees/duty on it at customs.
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Re: crazy international pricing

2008-05-24, 21:44 PM
If you have a friend or a family member residing in the U.S. have them buy a machine for you and ship it to UK, even with duty and VAT you'll likely be ahead of the game...
My $.02 only...


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