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Paper Tape
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extremely annoyed with lenovo customer service

I have been attempting to contact the lenovo post-sales support hotline for the past 2 weeks.  


I have consistently been placed on hold for over an hour each time.


 In fact, I am currently on hold - I began this call at 12:37, and it is now 16:13.  That is 3.5 hours, and counting.


Further, it is obnoxiously mercenary and transparently venal that your SALES center responds to customer calls in consistenty under 5 minutes, and also gives and estimated wait time and number of callers in advance.  The post-sales center, conversely, is not even open on the weekends.


I purchased Lenovo because I had had positive experience with their customer support in my prior purchase of a Thinkpad.  However, given Lenovo's approach and treatment of me this time around, I plan both to return this current one (I had previously hoped to make an exchange) and alert family, friends and colleagues of my treatment by Lenovo.  Please note, I am a female in the 21-35 demographic, making over $50,000K / year, and have a considerable Twitter and Facebook following.  This is not a demographic Lenovo wants to alienate.


Please respond to this posting with an offer to contact me directly to address this issue.  Thank you.

Paper Tape
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Re: extremely annoyed with lenovo customer service

I'm having the same issue with them attempting to make a return.  I was on hold over 2 hours the first time and gave up.  Now I've been on hold for over 90 minutes and about to give up again.


Will never purchase another Lenovo product.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: extremely annoyed with lenovo customer service

Yeah honestly, im on the same boat, and this is going to just hurt their reputation in the end. Really lousy customer care. Will not be using Lenovo again.

Punch Card
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Re: extremely annoyed with lenovo customer service

The thing is, Lenovo's customer service has been terrible for a while (e.g. from 2007, ), but their stock value just keeps rising and rising. This may be because they've calculated that by saving money on customer service (e.g. by not much worrying themselves over shipping delays), their net profits increase, even given the loss in product loyalty.

This may also be why they're able to (and why they do) sell laptops for cheaper than other companies. I mean I ordered a Y570 for $699 off Lenovo, and yet I've been unable to find a computer with the same specifications from another brand for under $1000 (heavily discounted or not). If I could, I would likely have cancelled my order, as I imagine many of the rest of us would (though even then I would be reluctant to, given how notoriously slow and unreliable Lenovo's refund process is).

Lenovo also seems to have a policy of giving small pay offs (e.g. $50 store credit) to customers who complain to the BBB. I mean, they have over 800 BBB complaints filed against them (which is well above average; cf., and yet they have an A+ rating because almost all of them have been "resolved" even though the same complaints keep arising again and again from other customers. That is, instead of getting their act together and enacting better (and, therefore, costlier) policies and procedures, they just pay off the few people who bother to complain to the BBB, thereby maintaining an A+ rating without having to invest in better procedures/policies.


Short of a highly publicized class action lawsuit, I doubt Lenovo will be getting its act together anytime soon.

Former Administrator
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Re: extremely annoyed with lenovo customer service



We've been hearing about long hold times for sales support and have shared the concerns with our sales management and trust that they will make necessary changes in telephone and staffing to return to normal service levels shortly.

I apologize for the long hold times - I certainly can't imagine sitting on hold for an hour.



Best regards,



What's DOS?
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Re: extremely annoyed with lenovo customer service

The warranty service customer sevice department is NOT a customer service entity. It is a complete waste of time. I purchased (3) tablets for my children - since then (2) of them have a failed hard-drive. When you call for warranty service you spend quite a bit of time doing the "typical" diagnostics (almost an hour of your life you are not going to be back.). 


Then they give you an Order Number for the warranty repair. I have paid USPS shipping costs plus insurance on (2) tablets. The first exchange was quite simple/easy. The (2) tablet has been a nightmare. No one in their warranty service department can tell me what is exactly wrong with my machine or when it will be sent out. On the initial call, I was told specifically by the "service" representative to NOT send in the power cord because we ruled it out as an issue with the machine. On subsequent calls during the last "month"...yes, I said month they are asking me for a power chord in order to complete the diagnostics on their end. Like I said, I have (3) of these machines - (2) are working fine and we did try the other power cords before making the call to Lenovo. 


On my second call, I was told that the hard-drive had a bad sector and required replacement. The supervisor told me on the same call (over 1 hour on this one) that there was nothing wrong with the machine and that it works fine with the power cord in the service "depot". OK, so I'm thinking, if there's nothing wrong with it just send it back. The supervisor put in an order to return the machine back to me. Over a week later, no machine and it is still just sitting there at their repair "depot". 


The customer service agent has me on a continuous hold and will not let me speak to the supervisor. However, he has had time to speak to him personally and review notes with him. Weird that the supervisor has time to do this, but not speak with me. 



Paper Tape
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Re: extremely annoyed with lenovo customer service

I agree with your comment.

Any call / online chat other than - "NEW SALES" will be put on hold indefinitely.

I had an order that was not shipped for 15 days after the estimated ship date.

When ever I call the Customer care, i would be put on Wait for 20-30 mins if I chose "Order Status" .

If I choose New Sales, i would be immediately responded, but if I ask about my status, they will "ROUTE" me to the appropriate team, which means another 30 mins of HOLD.


This is really frustrating, since I was not even able to cancel my order as I had good deals for same laptop in STAPLES.


Blue Screen Again
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Re: extremely annoyed with lenovo customer service

I have had very long hold times (although not hours) on the phone, and about 15 - 30 minute hold times on chat. So chat might be the better way to go. When it's working, that is.


My issue, posted here the other day, is the customer "service" doesn't provide information that is actually informative. I am sure this is not their fault; I assume there is an automated system they check for order status, and that's all they know. But their hands should not be tied. If someone, like me, has been told 6 different delivery dates and the machine is still not delivered, they should have a way to prioritize that matter so that the customer's issue can be addressed.


Dell went has had significant problems with post-sales customer service, and as a result, they got very bad press and their sales are dropping precipitously.


The customer comes first, Lenovo.

Punch Card
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Re: extremely annoyed with lenovo customer service

Ty_Lenovo (from these forums) was very helpful to me regarding a shipping delay problem. My delivery date estimate went from Aug 9 to Aug 7 after contacting him (and it's indeed in transit right now--it's in Louisville at the moment waiting to clear customs, according to UPS). I don't know if he's responsible for it being expedited (he never said he was), but at very least he promptly updated me on every new development, and was otherwise very helpful and attentive.
Paper Tape
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Re: extremely annoyed with lenovo customer service

Had the same experience with a 3 week old computer. After three calls, getting run around, I was offered that I could pay them $179 to fix the problem.

This is entirely a driver and or hardware issue they could care less about resolving.

I wont buy another Lenovo product.
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