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Blue Screen Again
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incorrect product delivery - Thinkpad x1 carbon 6 gen

A month ago I had purchased the Thinkpad x1 carbon 6 gen for work purposes, and seeing that I reside in Spain thought i would purchase it from their site directly, as I needed all the top spec's for work , I decided to customize the laptop.


After waiting 3 weeks from the payment date, I had finally received my laptop to only realize they had sent me the incorrect product with the basic spec's which is close to 800 EUR cheaper. So over the past week I have been calling , emailing , live chatting and I still do not have an answer a week after Lenovo sent me the wrong laptop. Every time i contact them they brush me off and tell me to wait for an email answer, the problem is my business is run from my laptop and is causing me issues with my clients.


The customer service has been very poor, with no resolution at hand even though I did explain the urgency of the matter, its just a bit frustrating that they are quick to take my money but when an issue needs to be resolved that they don’t really care. I really do not know where to turn as I have outlaid over 2k EUR on the product which makes it even worse.


I ensured to sent all the information that was requested with photo's and back up which clearly shows that an error was made, but still no reply.


There must be a head office or a complaints department I can escalate this to , has anyone else had to deal with this matter ? if so please PM and lt me know how I can get this issue resolved as it seems Lenovo Spain are not doing anything about this , I know the next steps will be to contact the local consumer affairs agency to get his sorted out, as well as hit social media channels to ensure my frustrations are heard even if Lenovo staff members are not assisting

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Re: incorrect product delivery - Thinkpad x1 carbon 6 gen

Hello and welcome to the Community,


Sorry to read you haven't had the best experience. If you could post your order number please I'll ask that your situation be looked into and resolved.




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