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lenovo credit card service and order process

2008-08-29, 3:54 AM

I'm a new-comer to Albany and ordered a T-61 laptop on the internet, paying by my international VISA credit card. The day before yesterday, I received an email from Lenovo credit card service saying that:


Dear Lenovo Customer,

We are unable to accept an international credit card for payment on your Lenovo order number ******.
Acceptable forms of payment include: US Credit Card, US Debit Card, Wire Transfer, Paypal, Bill Me Later or Check by Mail.


Please contact us at 1-800-426-3325, if you wish to pay with a U.S. Credit / Debit Card or call

1-866-428-4465 (Sales Department) for other forms of payment.


If no response is received within 4 business days upon receiving this email, your order runs the risk of cancellation.

We appreciate your business and your prompt attention to this request.

Thank you,


Credit Card Services
Lenovo Inc.
1009 Think Place
Building 600, 1st Floor, Box # C08
Morrisville, NC 27560


I called my bank service to list my new address in US now, but my request was refused because the bank service insisted that there should be only one mailing address of my account.  My bank service also took the refusal unreasonable  because I had paid for many items by my credit card ever since I arrived here. 


Then, I called 800-426-3325 twice, trying to seek suggestion from Lenovo, but no one answered the phone.


What confused me is that yesterday,  I received another email from Lenovo Sales,  confirming that my order is in processing: 



Dear Demei Lu,

Thank you for your purchase from Lenovo. Your order has been received and is being processed. Please visit our online order status tool to view the latest information on the status of your order: ……


For Lenovo Online Backup Service

Please refer to …to redeem your service.

We have included your complete order information below. if you have any questions about your order please call Lenovo Sales toll free at 1.877.880.6819

Please include your Customer Number and Order Number in any communications to help us server you more quickly.

Thank you for your purchase from Lenovo. We appreciate your business.

Lenovo Sales



I was really puzzled, and called 800-426-3325 again. Unfortunately, no one answered the phone (again!). I am completely at a loss now. Please let me know your answers to the questions below:


1) Does the second email work as a confirmation letter that my payment by my international VISA credit card has been accepted already? If yes, the expected ship date for my laptop will be the right expected ship date?

2)I called the 800-4426-3325 four times on two different days, trying to explore any solution to the problems. Unfortunately, no one answered the phone. Who will be responsible for the possible shipment delay and the risk of order concellation, then?

3)What are the next steps if my payment by an International VISA credit card is to be refused? I do need a laptop just in time as the new semester has already began.


This is the first time I choose Lenovo. Hope you will give me a best possible answer to verify that my purchase decision is a correct one.




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Re: lenovo credit card service and order process

2008-08-29, 4:17 AM

Welcome to the forum!


Most U.S. retailers don't accept foreign-issued credit cards online, due to fraud concerns.


Keep on calling the credit card services, and your call will eventually be returned. It took me three business days and a dozen voice mails to get my issue resolved several months ago.


I can't shed any light on the second email, but would call Sales department and check what's going on.


Good luck.



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Albany NY

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Re: lenovo credit card service and order process

2008-08-29, 21:08 PM

It is really amazing! I have bought lots of things by my international VISA credit card. No retailer ever refused to accept my VISA credit card, even the amazon.com (I bought 3 textbooks on its website)!


Besides, the reaction of Lenovo credit card center is really retarded. I called them at different times on the past 3 days, no one answered the phone. Leave a message? No one has ever called back! Otherwise, I might have found a solution already, even my VISA card not accepted by Lenovo!


What is going on now? Will my order be concelled? Need to place another order and wait for another 2 weeks? Oh my god!!!




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Re: lenovo credit card service and order process

2008-10-23, 16:47 PM
Did you get the laptop you ordered? and if so, what was the solution? I have the exact same problem, and from searching this site, I see alot of others that recently moved to the states and want to get a thinkpad shipped to their new US address, but pay with their non US VISA!, I bought my t43 in Sweden with the same VISA a couple years ago, and they gladly took my money then, now I want a t500 and they decline cause its a VISA issued in Sweden, I am so mad right now! :robotmad:
Go ahead delete my posts I dont care, all I can say is, the workaround to be able to use an international VISA is to buy a prepaid VISA and fill it with some cash then order using it, this is APPROVED by Lenovo Customer Service, as I was told today when I ordered, much easier than a wire transfer, you can buy a pre paid visa at any simon mall or on the internet, google is your friend...
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Albany NY

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Re: lenovo credit card service and order process

2008-10-24, 13:18 PM
My order was canceled at last. I bought a HP laptop, giving up Lenovo. I think I am wise enough to do so because one of my friends ordered her Lenovo in early September, and she has NOT received her computer yet! She was told by her friends that it is usual for a Lenovo laptop to arrive around TWO MONTHS if you choose  free shippment!  Anyway, I will never choose Lenovo again. It's relatively expensive, but you can never expect them provide you with "good" service. Hope your case will be better than mine. Good luck!

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Re: lenovo credit card service and order process

2008-10-24, 18:04 PM

I am also a new customer to Lenovo. It was first time on my life that I ordered an Thinkpad, oh.. no, 2 Thinkpads (W500 & X200) in a week :)


So far I am happy with their customer support. I don't have credit card issue, and I didn't call them. but I sent 4 different emails to their canada support team, and they got back to me quickly. My first email was replied in two hours, the rest 3 emails were replied within a day.


Maybe you shall try emailing rather than calling. or maybe their canada support team is an exception, I don't know, but I am satisfied with their support.


I ordered W500 at Oct 16th, even the order said it will take 3-4 weeks, but I have been able to track the order via UPS's website since yesterday(just 1 week after I placed the orde!), I expect I am able to receive my W500 by next week. My another order with X200 (placed the order at Oct 20th) still no further message thought, but I am not worry about it at the moment.


I noticed that my W500 was actually shipped from China, maybe those online orders were assembled in Lenovo's factory and ship to customers directly.


I understand Lenovo's credit card policy and totally support it considering credit card fraud is ranked No.1 internet crime. 





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the workaround...

2008-10-24, 20:22 PM
Inappropriate message outlining how to defraud vendors removed.


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Re: lenovo credit card service and order process

2008-10-24, 21:53 PM
I don't work for Lenovo
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