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Paper Tape
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the credit card service of LENOVO exists?

I place an order on Nov 23, and saw the order status online, then on 27,Nov I received the mail below, saying that my card is declined. I then called the number below, I just heard the automatic mailbox voice, and then the line is blind.


Anyone has such experience. In fact, I called my credit card company, and they told me my card is good, however they did not see any transaction attemption from LENOVO, and they suggested me to ask LENOVO to contact their merchant service to see the card information, but I could not get through the line.


Anyone has similar experience, would you please help me out?


Thanks you all, guys!



Dear  lenovo customer

Thank you for your order  ******  We are currently unable to process your order with the information provided.  Please see the list below  for the problem(s) with your order and the corrective actions that need to be taken.  Once you have resolved the issue, please reply back to this e-mail, and we will work to complete your order.  If no response is received within 4 business days, your order may be cancelled.  Thank you for your prompt attention to this e-mail.

___ - The bank declined the charge for this order.
        Please contact your card company and inform them of the purchase in the amount of $  ******

Thank you for choosing Lenovo

If you wish to speak to a customer service representative, please call us at 1-800-426-3325 M-F 8:30 am-6:00 pm EST

Credit Card Services
Lenovo Inc.
1009 Think Place  
Morrisville, NC 27560

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Re: the credit card service of LENOVO exists?

Thank you   biosn0927 for giving me a chance to write my first post on this forum after a week or so of lurking and inhaling all the good stuff that exists here.


My first laptop will be the T500 which is the fruit of a lot of knocking at the Lenovo site which ended in abject failure.  Lenovo makes its quite clear I have to admit that the only international credit card they accept is American Express.


However, the sales rep who talked to me in my mammoth effort to get my card accepted said that there were 2 alternatives.


1. Wire transfer as mentioned in the site.

2. Gift cards preloaded with the amount of your purchase.


He recommended the second because wire transfers take too long to process.  I got a gift card from my place of residence but to no avail. I guess the gift card must be from the US. I did not contact the sales rep with the gift card number although he had asked me to call him up.


There is only one issue that needs clarification. Every time you pay with your international credit card a 3 line message in red text comes up on the final ordering page saying


"Your bank has rejected the card .... etc. etc.".  

The first time I saw this I called my bank's card division and they confirmed that no rejection of my card had been done by them.


At first I was angry thinking this was an attempt by Lenovo to insult my intelligence. Then I thought this was a conspiracy to avoid getting into the bad books of powerful credit card companies like VISA and MASTERCARD.


Then I called credit card verification at Lenovo and they clarified their policy.


But finally I settled on accepting Lenovo's indirect statement that the amount of fraud on high value items with international credit cards on the net is quite common.


I really have to admit that inspite of rejecting my card, Lenovo got me as a customer only because of the excellent support I received from the sales rep.


So I guess you have to try with 1. or 2. above.


Hope it works out for you.Smiley Happy


I finally got a good deal at for the T500  22428QU and it is in transit right now to NY and then hopefully to Kuwait in a week or two if the courier wo...


An offtopic question

Can anyone direct me on how use the macro feature in the forum. Searched but could not find anything.


Is there any official ritual to opening your first thinpad. Seriously. ...



** T500 22428QU**
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Re: the credit card service of LENOVO exists?



Can you send me a private message with your order number?  We can look into the situation further...


Generally, credit services operates by email and call back, rather than live interaction.  I know that communication, especially confirmation of inquiries is an opportunity for improvement.  


I'll look for your PM and see what we can do to help smooth this out ...




Thanks for sharing your experience.   I understand that the desire to purchase through the US website for pricing and configuration advantages can be a powerful incentive to get creative.  Personally, I recommend against pre-payment as it tends to make any order delays worse, and can complicate returns / credits / price matching if we have to cut a check rather than simply appying a credit back to a card.  


But, I'm really delighted to hear that you are considering the T500 and have made these efforts to aquire one.  I hope that you will find it well worth the effort.


Best regards,





Paper Tape
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Re: the credit card service of LENOVO exists?

hey Mark, i just sent you my order information, the order is scheduled to be shipped today, I am really worried about my order, it would be great if you can figure this out for me.


Sirereader, thank you for your sharing, mine is different from your situation. I am currently in US, and the credit card is from pnc,  all my billing ,shipping information is within US. I hope you cna get your pc soon...

Paper Tape
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Re: the credit card service of LENOVO exists?

I sent you the order in your message box, Any update, Mark?

Serial Port
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Re: the credit card service of LENOVO exists?

I've been trying to make a purchase for two days - I've tried four different credit cards, all valid U.S. credit cards with U.S. billing addresses.  All were declined by Lenovo, and all had that same generic error message as noted above (Bank has declined the card etc). I called my bank and they told me that the charge had gone through, and there was no problem with the card.  Unfortunately, I had no order number or order to show for it.


They said to call Lenovo - so I called Lenovo, and after being on hold for over 30 minutes (I know, big shock), I spoke with a guy who had no idea even what I was talking about - I think he may have smoked a doobie right before I called.  He couldn't even find my order, couldn't answer a single question about anything, and finally just told me that I needed to try again.  After trying a couple more times online unsuccessfully with each card, I finally decided to call Lenovo again - of course this time they were closed. 


I still have no idea what the problem is, and now I have to deal with disputing the charge with my credit card company that Lenovo apparently made without allowing my order on top of all the time I've already wasted on this.  


Why a company makes it so hard for people to give them their money is totally beyond me.

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