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What's DOS?
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yoga c930 overheat/ loud fan and complicated repalcement

after reading multiple good reviews and youtube videos about the c930 i decided to eventually get one, i decided to get it direct from lenovo because of the offer it had on. BUT its the worst decision of my life, i contacted lenovo on the day i recived the laptop regarding overheating and was told i can get a replacement and i need to wait for the email for pickup of my existing machine withih 1-2 days. It has been 14 days now and after 5 calls and 10 emails, i have heard nothing..all i keep getting told is they are still waiting for the email to come through, i have spoken to multilple operators and been in the loop for over 2 weeks now.


my advice is please DO NOT BUY FROM LENOVO. worst customer service i have recieved in this day and age. i am stuck with a laptop c930 that overheats to a dangerous level and this has impact on my education because my deadlines are approaching and i am still having to wait for thier go delivery service to arrange the collection of my laptop so i can get my replaccement. at this rate i feel to just get my refund and request compensation for this huge inconveinece. first they send me a faulty product and then they decide to not get in touch and ignore me. i will esclate this as under consumer rights you are denying my right to a working product for the money i paid.


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Re: yoga c930 overheat/ loud fan and complicated repalcement

I'm sorry this happened. When I first purchased the Yoga 3 Pro, it overheated so badly that I took it back one week later. By then, the Yoga 900 was released and I purchased that instead. The 900 was not as bad as the 3 Pro was and I loved the computer, but it did over much that it left burn marks on my legs. I bought a cooling pad and that seemed to work. I purchased the C930 in December and was concerned about it over heating...but it never has. I'm still cautious and I have the vent clear so it doesn't heat up. IMHO, this is an amazing computer and worth a try if you can find a way to cool it.
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Re: yoga c930 overheat/ loud fan and complicated repalcement

Hello fmalik, welcome to the Community,


If you would like to post your order number it's possible that I might be able to assist or find out exactly what is happening. Please do not post any private information.




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What's DOS?
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Re: yoga c930 overheat/ loud fan and complicated repalcement

This was my original order number. 9036156109



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