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Cloud is the Catalyst for IT Innovation.

Lenovo Employee jackrose
Lenovo Employee
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Cloud is the Catalyst for IT Innovation.

Cloud is the Catalyst for IT Innovation. In 2016, more cloud users reported speed benefits from cloud. The two benefits that had the largest increase were faster access to infrastructure, which grew from 57 to 62 percent, and faster time-to business value, which grew from 48 to 52 percent. What do you think? What are you using public cloud for? Post a comment and share your thoughts here.




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Paper Tape
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Re: Cloud is the Catalyst for IT Innovation.

Cloud is one catalyst for IT innovation, but it is not the only one.

Considering that almost 80% of customers are still lagging behind on the topic of digitalisation - in each vertical segment - the top 5% of commercial customers are highly digitized, while the rest are severely lagging behind.

McKinsey Global Institute - Digital America - a Tale of have and have-nots, Dec 2015


Digitilisation.PNGMcKinsey - Dec 2015

So when looking at Catalysts for IT Innovation and digitilization, we need to look at the whole infrastructure, of which Cloud is one component. But a cloud cannot solve the missing integration of solutions. So one should not look at just the cloud to provide innovation, rather look at an overall eWorkplace transformation looking at end to end data and processes.


Paper Tape
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Re: Cloud is the Catalyst for IT Innovation.

Hi Thor, I agree.  Cloud infrastructure or applications can be used to move to a more digital business, but as you say, there are other ways to make this move, too.   Data analytics, for example.


Automation provided in cloud solutions can reduce the time needed for operations, though...which can lead to more time available for innovation.  Smiley Happy

What's DOS?
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Re: Cloud is the Catalyst for IT Innovation.

Great stuff, Jack. 


I think you're spot on with why orgs look to go to a public cloud.  I think what many orgs who made the shift to an AWS or Azure for part of their infrastructure have realized is:


1) VMs that are on 24/7/365 are ridiculously expensive to run in a public cloud; these instances are best run on prem within the datacenter.


2) Legacy appliations (e.g. webserver -> middleware -> DB) often aren't designed to take advantage of a public cloud framework and an org is simply moving where these instances are running, when in reality the application needs a significant re-write to take advantage of public cloud advantages


What's obvious is what you post - organizations are looking for the flexibility, the time to value, that a public cloud gives them but for a large percentage of their applications, they need to run them within their walls.


So the question then becomes - what's a platform the brings cloud economics (to steal a term I heard Eric Platz use) into the datacenter?


That's where solutions like Lenovo HX provide value.  That's not to say public cloud doesn't have its place, because it certainly does (eg developer instances that need to be on for a few hours or days then scrapped), but it's finding that balance that is the next challenge for organizations.