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Paper Tape
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Motorola's business under parent companies

Dear Sirs at Motorola,

First of all, thank you for having been creating top-class devices for so many years.
I am writing from Japan, to ask you about your business under parent companies, since I am utterly ignorant on the issue.

To my knowledge, currently Motorola is a subsidiary of Lenovo, and until a few years ago, it was a subsidiary of Google, isn't that so?
What peaques my interest is whether Motorola disclosed all its technological knowledge and patents to some (or both of the aforementioned parent companies), or only has to contribute economically to them.
Despite my absolute ignorance, I'd say it would be kind of daredevilish to share a company's secrets, even if it's with a parent company, since in case the union broke, the parent would have stolen crucial skills that would make it an unbeatable rival.

Sorry for my dumb question.
I'd be truly grateful if you could shed some light on the matter.

All the best.
 - Hiruma


Moto Sr Moderator
Moto Sr Moderator
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Re: Motorola's business under parent companies

this is a peer to peer forum. Us moderators are not Motorola employees, we are regular users who volunteer to help other users. While there are a few Motorola employees as admins here. I don't know that they would or could discuss too much of the internal happenings regarding the mergers.

I do remember a lot of articles talking about Motorols' patent portfolio when Google aquired them in the first place

*the search bar is your friend*
-This is a peer to peer support forum, MOTOXPRTs are volunteers, not Motorola employees
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Re: Motorola's business under parent companies

Maybe this can shed some light,

Jai Hind
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Re: Motorola's business under parent companies

Who designs all the Motorola One, Moto G5-G8, Motorola Razr phones? In the new Motorola Razr presentation video, it looked like it was designed in Chicago. Are there still Motorola employees working from the time when Moto G 1st Gen was released under Google?

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