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Yoga 2 Pro - Pentile matrix RGBW characteristics and display of yellow

The Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro utilizes a Samsung LCD panel with a Pentile Red-Green-Blue-White (RGBW) pixel matrix, as opposed to a standard Red-Green-Blue (RGB) matrix on more conventional LCD panels.  The Pentile matrix uses a modified physical layout of the pixels, taking advantage of white sub-pixels to deliver a brighter display at lower power consumption levels


A drawback of this modified matrix is a lower color luminance than a standard RGB matrix.  This is most noticeable when viewing yellows.  Some yellows may appear greenish in hue.




An updated system BIOS has been released that, in conjunction with a new version of Lenovo Energy Manager, adjusts pixel and backlight intensity to optimize yellow performance, regardless of the selected power mode.


Both updates must be installed for the changes to take effect.  It is recommended the BIOS update be installed prior to installing the updated Energy Manager. 


To download the updates:




Installation notes:  Based on internal testing and customer feedback in the forum, it is possible in some cases that the system may not restart automatically after the BIOS flash completes.  The screen will be black and the keyboard backlight will be on.  If this occurs,  press and hold the power button until the system shuts down, then press and release to restart.  The energery manager must be updated for the yellow color correction, so there may be a pause on boot up, or when returning from sleep before the colors update.


This release has also been reported to reset the auto brightness feature (re-enable it).  Please view this tip on how to disable adaptive brightness.



Previous work around:


On Yoga 2 Pro, this can be mitigated by switching to Performance Mode in Lenovo Energy Manager.  To do this:


1) Swipe from the right edge of the display or touchpad to fly out the Charms bar

2) In the Search field, type “energy” then select “Energy Manager from the results


y2p power 1.png


3) In Energy Manager, click the rocket icon to enable Performance mode
(Note: if this is the first time you have launched Energy Manager, swipe left through the introductory screens then tap OK to see the screen below)


y2p power 2.png


Note: Ensure you have at least this version or above (should there is any)


Lenovo Energy Management for Yoga 2 Pro Laptop


Published date: 12/22/2014

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ihasmario On 2013-11-02, 7:40 AM

What prevents an ICC profile that adjusts the green subpixel before addressign the panel from fixing this issue permanently? 

bmlad11 On 2013-11-04, 19:32 PM

Any further setting change required to ensure proper colors displayed for both - plugged-in vs. battery powered modes?

Mark_Lenovo On 2013-11-07, 21:23 PM


We will update the article as this develops.  Thanks!

Mark_Lenovo On 2013-11-15, 20:10 PM

Article updated with the official fix - please download and install the updated BIOS first, and then the updated energy manager.

KeithCu On 2013-11-17, 3:58 AM

This is interesting, although I've already wiped Windows 8.1 from my Yoga so I can't use this fix. Can you ask engineering for a way to apply this BIOS update for those who are choosing to running a superior OS? My understanding is that you have in the past offered the ability to update their BIOS via a bootable ISO image which is OS-independent.


I realize Lenovo is running on inertia and ignoring the Linux desktop, but your customers are not. Lenovo is the most popular laptop manufacturer of Linux users so forget them at your peril.


Thank you,



Mark_Lenovo On 2013-11-18, 17:52 PM



Good suggestion.  However, this is really a two part solution - the BIOS updates the Embedded Controller, and then the updated power manager makes calls to some of the revised functions in the EC.   The BIOS update alone probably won't yield the results you are looking for.  One would need some equivalent routines running in linux.


The technicalities on this one aside, I do understand your broader point regarding Linux.


- Mark

andyP On 2013-11-28, 15:52 PM
cqs On 2013-11-28, 17:46 PM
Hello Lenovo, I must underline Keith's words.. I'm very disappointed that Lenovo thought only about Windows users and not all its customers. I hope Lenovo is going to release some correction also for Linux (and other minor) system. I'm pretty sure with such a knowledge and coding potential this won't be any big issue.
steadydon On 2013-12-20, 7:19 AM

Well I have done the BIOS update as well as the Energy Management and still the yellows have a green tint. Tomorrow I will contact Best Buy where I bought this from and find out how long I have to return it. I will wait till the last possible moment with the hopes Lenovo continues to address and fix this problem ASAP!!!!! I wouldn't even mind if they sent out a recall and replaced the screen.

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