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Yoga 2 Pro Wifi connection, dropped connection, slow performance fix


I purchased one of the first Yoga 2 Pro systems and seem to be having problems with my wifi connection.


If the wifi signal is at all weak, it just seems to drop out. 


Is there a fix or update I need to apply?


A new wireless (wifi) driver designed to increase wireless performance and stability was provided by Intel and included in the preload on all systems built October 5, 2013 and later.  Units built prior to this date have an older driver that should be updated.   This addressed some of the early concerns, but additional updates have been made available on the Lenovo support site.  Please check your current installed driver version against the latest available on the support site.


Update - Intel has continued to release updated versions of drivers for the 7260 family of Wireless cards, and Lenovo has tested and released signed versions via the Lenovo support site at intervals.


Please visit the Lenovo support site and install the latest version of drive for your system.  Current version as of today is  Please use this or later driver from Lenovo's Support site.



Some additional steps the community has found to be helpful in some cases are:


Modify abiltiy of Windows to limit power to with wifi card to save battery life - this can lead to reduced range and disconnects, especially while running on battery.  Here is how to affect this setting.  This is a common wifi troubleshooting suggestion in Windows going back to XP - it can be found in multiple discussions in this forum and is not specific to Yoga 2 Pro systems.


Device Manager -> Network adapters -> Intel(R) Wireless-N 7260 -> Properties -> Power Management -> Uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”
Some customers have suggested that some intel software in the preload might be causing a conflict in some cases.
Uninstall “Intel(R) Smart Connect Technology” via the Control Panel...
Reboot to ensure updated driver and settings date effect. 
Be sure to check wifi driver version in device manager to confirm it is the latest version you just downloaded.

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rmend On 2013-11-12, 15:51 PM
Thank you, I didn't see an update for the Intel Wireless driver -- I think I did that previously based on your advice to someone else. I believe the situation has gotten better. Thanks for the help.
n8rand On 2014-03-07, 23:44 PM

I continue to experience dropped connections even after updating the drivers. This occurs three to four times in an hour.

divy2 On 2014-03-31, 6:22 AM

I already updated the whole system, I've got the new driver from intel and the problem still persists. Is there a new fix for this problem?  It seems that there hardly will be a software-solution for a hardware-problem. Lenovo should change this wireless-modul  but it's completly unacceptable that they present fixes a an placebo to calm there customers.

NerdBrick On 2014-04-03, 19:03 PM

Having the exact same problem with 5 new Lenovo Yoga's running Windows 8.1. All the drivers and patches applied to it not only has WiFi connection problems, but it takes down WiFi networks in general. Work and home the disruption to the networks is horrible. We have to leave the machines off. 

We tried going back to the factory OEM install, and the same problem occurs. No other software installed other than the Lenovo and Windows patches.

The only thing that has worked is to install our own copy of Windows 8.1 on the machine. Then the WiFi seems perfect. 

So the lesson at the moment is the OEM install of Win8.1 from Lenovo is broken in a serious way that you can't even use the device on the WiFi.

Lenovo ThinkPad

Intel AC-7260 internal WiFi

Here was seems to help other people



divy2 On 2014-04-07, 14:33 PM

That's a great observation that might help Lenovo to fix the problem.


Meanwhile I purchased Intel's Wirless AC 7260 card from Amazon. It fixed the problem also. But it's a pity that Lenovo doesn't recongnize the problem. They simply do nothing. :smileyfrustrated:

andyP On 2014-04-10, 17:44 PM
yigit On 2014-01-03, 12:59 PM
Rob_D On 2014-05-06, 23:19 PM
Just called Lenovo support in the US and had a productive call. The person knew about this problem straight away so no answering questions from a flow chart. Allowed her remote access, not something I normally like doing but she knew what she was doing and it’s much faster…
1. Download the latest Wireless LAN driver from (I guess people have tried before): http://mobilesupport.lenovo.com/gb/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/yoga-series/yoga-2-pro-lenovo I downloaded the Windows 8.1 (64-bit) driver, called wwwfw0632g.exe
3. Next she went to Device Manager -> Network adapters -> Intel(R) Wireless-N 7260 -> Properties -> Power Management -> Uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”
4. Now again in, Device Manager -> Network adapters -> Intel(R) Wireless-N 7260 -> Properties -> Driver -> click “Update Driver…” -> click “Browse my computer for diver software” -> point to the folder you downloaded the driver to i.e. wwwfw0632g.exe and let it update answering the usual stuff
5. Finally uninstall “Intel(R) Smart Connect Technology” via the Control Panel...(mine was version, 30.3MB). I asked why remove this and was told there is a conflict between this driver and the other one.
6. Reboot.
BTW, I’m running Windows 8.1 and the date of manufacture of mine was 17Jan14. I’ve had no drop outs so far but time will tell. I hope this helps and this will resolve everyone's problem…
willk On 2014-07-05, 21:12 PM

I've got a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro 13 inch, bought in the US in April.  It has been back to Lenovo already because it wouldn't connect to the internet and Windows said it couldn't locate any networking hardware.  It worked for two weeks but now it is saying its got limited connectivity and cannot connect (although  four other devices manage to connect OK).  It's not fit for purpose!

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