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The touchpad ruins this computer

2012-11-13, 15:42 PM

I got a Yoga a week ago, and I've had a mixed experience unfortunately. The trackpad on this computer has been so irritating. It never does the right thing. Sometime's I'm just moving my finger down the touchpad to move the pointer, and then it'll change screens to another app. Or, even more annoying, when I'm typing, if my wrist even brushes on the pad, it'll change applications. The fact that the trackpad is recessed makes it impossible to swipe in from the left or right sides on the first try (these are windows 8 gestures).


Honestly, I wish there was a way I could just turn it off. The touchscreen on this computer is meant to be the secondary input device, but I've been finding that I'll do anything to avoid having to use the horrendous trackpad. I'm strongly considering returning the computer for this reason and others.


I know a guy had posted his own homebrew trackpad modifications to fix some of these bugs, but the link is dead. Anyone know an alternative link? It was originally titled "Enabling Synaptics Touchpad Advanced Features.pdf". Thanks. 


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Re: The touchpad ruins this computer

2012-11-13, 15:58 PM

My Yoga touchpad is working wonderfully. The Windows 8 gestures and palm rejection is working just fine. It's actually probably the best touchpad I've ever used on a laptop.


I would say you've just got a bad one, or maybe it's something simple like the wrong drivers?


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Re: The touchpad ruins this computer

2012-11-13, 17:52 PM

Go to your system tray, right click on the "Synaptics Pointing Device" icon, and turn off "tap to click". See if that helps.


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Re: The touchpad ruins this computer

2012-11-14, 9:12 AM

See below.  It GREATLY improves the accuracy of the touchpad.


If you follow the Yoga 13 thread on notebookreview.com, you will find that I've created a work around to enable all the advanced features.  Follow these instructions:



Download the OEM Synaptics drivers for when you go through the instructions above:





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Re: The touchpad ruins this computer

2012-11-15, 3:23 AM

Go to your system tray, right click on the "Synaptics Pointing Device" icon, and turn off "tap to click". See if that helps.


That's a very good suggestion, especially if you have no intention of left/right button clicking except on the trackpad buttons in the lower area of the trackpad.  It's too easy to get unintended clicks as you swipe around.  I used to always do this but lately I've been trying with it enabled to see if my touchpad usage can get more efficient.


For the my-wrist-moves-the-pointer-when-I-type problem, right click on the "Synaptics Pointing Device" icon, select Pointing Device Properties, click on the Device Settings tab, press Settings and this will bring up the Synapticd ClickPad properties control.  Open up Pointing in the left, then Sensitivity, then click on PalmCheck.  You can increase this control as well as Sensitivity...Touch Sensitivity to make it less likely to brush against the touchpad area.


Finally, if you really want to turn the touchpad off there is likely a way to do that (e.g. disable something).  But try the above first to adjust the settings to your liking.



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Re: The touchpad ruins this computer

2012-11-28, 21:38 PM



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Re: The touchpad ruins this computer

2016-05-27, 0:41 AM

Yes, the use of the cheapest netbook-level touchpads is ruining Lenovo. It's 2016 now, and they are still using the surplus trackpads that cannot get the microsoft certification, so Windows 10 sees Lenovo's "ultrabooks" as trackpadless desktops.  The lenovo settings app pretend to simulate a trackpad, but it fails miserably.  The only response from lenovo support is censoring the real user reviews.

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