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Yoga Touch Screen Response Fix

2012-11-14, 19:41 PM

I read this on another forum while after selecting a link on this forum. It seems to have gotten rid of the edge double swipe.


"I got a Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga this weekend (loving it!) but noticed an annoying quirk the different Windows 8 edge swipe actions seemed to require two swipes. A few reviews have run into this as well, such as this one from ZDNet.

Once you got it reacting to your swipes, though, everything was instantaneous. After experimentation, it turns out that not touching the screen for about 4 seconds was enough to put it into this double-swipe mode which is evidence of some sort of sleep mode.

It turns out that this doesn’t just cause edge swipes to go missing it causes a general feel of sluggishness and lack of reaction. You click a button, and it doesn’t register. You click again, and it finally does.

After a bunch of digging and unrelated searches, it turns out that it is indeed a sleep mode issue the driver for the touch screen has the option enabled to let Windows put it to sleep.

The solution is simple:

Open Device Manager

Go to "Human Interface Devices"

Go to the last USB Input Device (my Yoga has two), then "Properties"

Open "Power Management"

Unselect "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"."


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Re: Yoga Touch Screen Response Fix

2012-11-15, 14:05 PM
I also got a solution about it:
1. Enter BIOS, switch to 2nd page, disable DPTF, save and exit
2. Enter Power Option in Control Panel-->Advanced Setting-->USB Setting-->USB Selective.....Setting-->Disabled

Please all try this solution and update your status, thanks in advance!
How to get BIOS version: Windows key + R --> cmd --> wmic bios get smbiosbiosversion

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Re: Yoga Touch Screen Response Fix

2012-11-15, 15:01 PM

The problem here is either (1) the touch device powers down too quickly, (2) it doesn't power back up fast enough, or (3) a bit of both.


Here's the workaround I used (because this was driving me nuts):


- Open device manager

- Expand Human Interface Devices

At the bottom of the HID list are two devices labeled "USB Input Device"  On my system, the one we're concerned with is the second one, so the last item in the list, but just to make sure it's the right one:


- Open the device properties

- Click the Details tab

- In the drop down menu, select Hardware Ids

The one we want will say USB\VID_04F3&PID_000A on the second line


- Move to the Power Management tab

- Uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"


Please note I do not yet have numbers on the real impact to battery life this change will have.


That said, we're working to figure out the best way to address this, whether it's turning off power management on the device, or dramatically improving how quickly it's able to detect touch activity.

Full disclosure: Lenovo issues my paychecks.

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Re: Yoga Touch Screen Response Fix

2012-11-17, 15:12 PM

That's worked... kind of.

After I changed the setting as you said, the FAN keep running from start-up NO MATTER WHAT...

Even CPU is running < 10 %...


I did not do much to my laptop, simply

Turn on Laptop 1st time > Basic setting > Window updated > screen prolem > FAN problem ... within 1 day.


Omg Lenovo / Microsoft ... you made my day.


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Re: Yoga Touch Screen Response Fix

2012-11-17, 21:19 PM
But if you restore the old settings, will fans turn off or work still constantly?

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Re: Yoga Touch Screen Response Fix

2012-12-08, 21:55 PM

Any news about this? I am having the same issue and I tried to disable as noted above, but I am experiencing my fan running more. I did not try the fix that includes going into the bios yet, I am just wondering if this has been solved before I start pushing buttons..




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Re: Yoga Touch Screen Response Fix

2012-12-09, 7:32 AM

Yeah, it's the only outstanding glitch I'm still encountering with my Yoga. Hope they can fix this.


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Re: Yoga Touch Screen Response Fix

2012-12-09, 19:27 PM

Well, I don't think I am having anymore issues. Last night I updated all my drivers except the video one. I also disabled USB power sleep with right clicking in device manager. Another thing I did was disabling  Bluetooth device since I only use it when streaming spotify to my home speakers. My touchscreen swipe does not lag, no more sudden flips of the screen, and fan is quiet. So, I don't know if it was the drivers that fixed this or turning Bluetooth off, or both. I'm happy now and glad this issue has been resolved.  I do know that not allowing the USB to go to sleep is part of the fix.


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Re: Yoga Touch Screen Response Fix

2012-12-23, 4:19 AM

Due to my absence, I may not reply your posts and/or personal messages


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Re: Yoga Touch Screen Response Fix

2013-01-04, 14:08 PM

Thank you!!!


I was actually getting pretty good at the double-swipe! I love the Yoga and am happy this minor annoyance has been eliminated!


If anyone from Lenovo is reading -- you ought to set this up differently when you send the unit out to reviewers. Most reviews of the Yoga I've seen report this issue as poor touch response, so you are getting unfair coverage of this great computer as a result!

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