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Ideapad S10-3s How to change mem & hdd & add 3G card

S10-3s How to change mem & hdd


Remove the battery and PSU press 30 second start button to discharge capacitors
Touch anything metal to ground to prevent electrical charge ...

Turn the computer to a soften layer to prevent scratches on the lid
use a small philips screwdriver



Remove the 6 screws at the bottom,

including 3 screws underneath that battery
These 3 screws fixes the keyboard.


Turn the computer. Remove the keyboard by lifting it.
Lift the connector to release the ribbon cable..

Remove 4 screws underneath the keyboard.


Use a plastic card to detach palm rest cover from the bottom cover.
Start detach at right side

to change dimm by loosen brace to outside direction on both side
release the dimm. Insert new dimm .


if you want to change harddrive follow the next steps

remove the ribboncable from the hdd ... remove four screws to remove the hdd shield cage..change harddrive.. 

and if you want to add 3G minipci-e card (empty place left to memory) insert card plug in 3G antennas  fix card with screw.


reverse steps to re-assemble your S10-3s


sincerely KalvinKlein

thx keeperX for s10-3s pics 

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