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Lenovo Energy Management for Windows 7 Part 2: Power Settings (IdeaPad)

This is Part 2 of the write- up for IdeaPad Series Lenovo Energy Management for Windows 7 : Power Options.


OSD Wireless Menu On .jpg


To activate this, go to 

Control panel --> All Control Panel Items -->  Power Options  --> Tab Lenovo Energy Management


Click on Enable Button.


For this walkthrough the Lenovo Energy Management (LEM) Version 6.016 that  works with all IdeaPad systems running Windows 7 was used.

LEM 00 a Vs.6.016.jpg


LEM provides a fast switch with four predefined Power Schemes denoted by four  icons.


To see which plan your laptop is under, look for the orange indicator. Each scheme presets your laptop to charge to a certain threshold.




LEM 00 Energy Star.jpg




Energy Star Display Settings


LEM 01 Energy Star Display.jpg


Energy Star System


LEM 02 Energy Star System.jpg


High Performance


LEM 03 High Performance.jpg


High Performance Display Settings


LEM 04 High Performance Display.jpg


High Performance System Settings


LEM 06 High Performance System.jpg




LEM 07 Balanced.jpg


Balanced Display Settings


LEM 08 Balanced Display.jpg


Balanced System Settings


LEM 09 Balanced System.jpg


Super Energy Saver


LEM 10 Super Energy Saver.jpg


Note that if you choose Super Energy Saver cheme, you will get the following alert:


LEM Super Power Saver Attention Message.jpg


and you have to accept that you have admin rights at every change.


Super Energy Saver Display Settings


LEM 11 Super Energy Saver Display.jpg


Super Energy Saver System Settings


LEM 12 Super Energy Saver System.jpg


If you choose Super Saver Setting an extra menu Advanced Settings comes on. Users have experienced no audio from their systems after choosing this option, so do check that your audio settings are switched on here.




 Note: In Windows Power Setting there are a few options for you to adjust.


Powersettings Windows 7 Choose what power button will do 2.jpg


windows default is all sleep ... i prefer to set these more different ...


Powersettings Windows 7 Choose what power button will do 3.jpg


These let you create a power plan that complement Lenovo Energy Manager settings but these are separate.



Part one of the write- up is here;
IdeaPad Lenovo Energy Management for Windows 7 Part 1

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Sentient On 2015-09-25, 13:16 PM

from where can i download Lenovo Energy Management for Windows 7 (64bit)? I have ideapad S510p. I tried downloading it from the downloads section for my model but it doesn't work. 

from here http://support.lenovo.com/in/hi/products/laptops-and-netbooks/ideapad-s-series-netbooks/ideapad-s510p-notebook?TabName=Downloads

but now it has Power Management software for Windows 8 and 8.1 there is no link for Windows 7 and earlier it was there but it would just get installed but there was nothing. no program runing only the Energy Management was visible in Program & features section. I tried using the Lenovo Energy Management  (Power Management Software) in above link which are for Windows 8  & 8.1, but they down't work properly. They don't have options for WIreless & bluetooth.

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