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Backing up user data on the K1 tablet to a PC

These instructions will help users back up basic user data kept in IdeaPad Tablet K1 prior to performing any restoring operation to factory settings or other actions which will destroy user data. A simple drag and drop method will be used to transfer files from tablet to PC.



Backing up data on your IdeaPad Tablet K1


1. Create a folder named “K1 Backup” on Windows desktop. This folder will be used to copy data from the Tablet K1 to a single and easily accessible destination.

To create this folder:

  •  Right-click on the empty area on Windows desktop, select “New” --> "Folder”.
  •  Name the new folder “K1 Backup”.


2. Connect your Tablet K1 to your PC through the bundled USB cable.  In case of prompts, allow Windows to install any additional divers to support communication with the K1. 


If you see a pop up window of “MTP Media Player”, simply ignore it for now.


3. Open “Computer” (Windows Explorer), an icon designated as “K1” or “IdeaPad Tablet K1” will appear (left side of the bottom).


k1 backup.jpg


Note: For Windows Vista and Windows 7, “Computer” can be accessed by clicking “Start” --> "Computer”.  For Windows XP, the corresponding item is “My Computer” and can be accessed from “Start” --> "My Computer”.


4. Double-Click on the entry “IdeaPad Tablet K1” or “K1” in the “Computer”.  Then, you can view the content of your Tablet K1.


5. Proceed to backup the files on your IdeaPad Tablet K1.  To do so, copy the files on your Tablet K1 to folder “K1 Backup” on your PC.



It is recommended to backup the following folders at least. 

  • Attachments (downloaded email attachments)
  • Capture (any screen shots you may have taken)
  • DCIM (pictures taken with the K1 camera)
  • Documents (your Documents To Go files)
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Pictures

If you have additional files or folders you wish to save, copy them to the K1Backup folder, as well.


Restoring the files at a later date:


1. Reconnect the Tablet K1 to your PC. Open the “K1Backup” folder. Move or drop the sub-folders on to the “K1” or “IdeaPad Tablet K1” entry in the "Computer” window. his will copy the folders and their contents back to your Tablet K1.


2. Applications, contacts and calendars

Applications can be reinstalled from the Google Market or from the Lenovo Marketplace. Te Gmail account specified during the tablet’s initial setup can synchronize contacts and calendars, which will automatically be restored after finishing initial setup if the tablet is reset to factory settings.


To review your synchronization settings on your tablet, tap “Apps” --> "Settings” --> "Accounts & sync”. To review sync settings for a specific account, tap the account. Ensure the Data & synchronization settings are checked.


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