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Re: Y500 - How do I tell if automatic SSD cache is working?

2014-01-07, 19:18 PM

I uninstalled express cache already so eccmd.exe -info is not recognized anymore. I ran 'diskpart' then 'list disk' in the cmd prompt and it indicates there is only one hard drive (the 1TB drive) present which I'm taking to mean the ssd itself just died.


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Re: Y500 - How do I tell if automatic SSD cache is working?

2014-03-26, 20:00 PM

I try the solution and get the same result as you, Dustint24.

Now I can't see my 16Gb MSATA SDD...


I want to try unisntalling Intel Rapid Start software?

Has you find any other solution for your problem?



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Re: Y500 - How do I tell if automatic SSD cache is working?

2014-06-13, 19:19 PM

I have followed the whole process on my lenovo y510p, but eccmd info shows that the express-cache is not working! What will be the solution?


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Re: Y500 - How do I tell if automatic SSD cache is working?

2014-07-13, 16:05 PM



Thank you for your clearly explanation... but Im wondering, why a standard ssd drive is faster than m.2 ssd cache...


So If I understood well, is better to use as a cache of the system and not to use a OS booting.


I've bought a m.2 ssd, and I'd already a Samsung SSD evo 840, and planing  to install with a caddy another SSD Samsung.


With that scene, what you recommend to do?


And the last question, I will install the m.2 drive next week, is neccesary to reinstall the OS if I select to use as a cache? or is not neccesary?


Thank you in advance!



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Re: Y500 - How do I tell if automatic SSD cache is working?

2014-08-08, 5:06 AM

I have a y410p. The M.2 SSD cache drive was working when i first bought the computer. When I reinstalled windows 8.1, never worked again. For a while I was able to see it in Disk Manager, at which point I could 'initialize' the disk as either GPT or MBR. However, as soon as I would reboot and reopen Disk Manager, it would ask me to initialize the disk, again. So it seems that rebooting would wipe out any memory of the disk being present. 

One time I was able to initialize the disk, and then successfully installed ExpressCache, which created the necessary partitions on the SSD for caching. However, as it always did in the past, as soon as I rebooted the system completely forgot about the drive, and I would be forced to re-do the entire setup.


Today, after trying this one more time, the disk no longer appears in Disk Manager. The disk is no longer visible in the BIOS. The disk is no longer visible anywhere.


I have tried this sequence:

uninstall the ExpressCache driver/software --> remove the SSD --> boot to windows --> shut down --> reinstall SSD --> boot to windows 


This did not work. I thought this would force it to recognize the drive as new hardware, but it did not.



This should not be so difficult. I am a long-time power user and regularly build my own PCs and have never experienced such a thing. There is no reason the drive should not be recognized. Maybe the firmware of the SSD is incompatible with Windows 8.1/UEFI/my BIOS revision/something else. At the end of the day, it's not a huge loss in terms of performance and can be remedied by installing a large 2.5" SSD in place of the HDD. However, that is not the point. The point is, if you buy an expensive machine like this, it should work properly, regardless of whether or not someone wipes their drive and reinstalls Windows.


Any ideas? Anyone?


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Re: Y500 - How do I tell if automatic SSD cache is working?

2014-09-15, 17:21 PM

I think I could answer your question, the mSATA drive is so much faster in the system than any SATA SSD you could throw in it. It just costs a hell of a lot more to do, but if you want your laptop to fly its worth the money.   I just installed a Samsung SSD 840 EVO 500GB mSATA drive in mt U310 touchscreen and it just flies, I just cloned the original drives byte by byte (not the OS System option), onve finished you will just need to follow the answer I just found to remove Express Cash from the computer in order to get the Intel"s "Turbo Boost Technology" error to go away.


Here is some of the numbers I got from my PCMARK7 test

System storage - starting applications / System storage - starting applications
59.7866 MB/s
System storage - starting applications iteration 1
59.9387 MB/s
System storage - starting applications iteration 2
60.0272 MB/s
System storage - starting applications iteration 3
59.39389 MB/s
I hope this helps.

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Re: Y500 - How do I tell if automatic SSD cache is working?

2015-07-31, 6:50 AM

is this really the answer? when i do the command prompt...it shows a read and write percent of 0.00% and 0.02%


why is it so low? i


i still dont see any evidence that this ssd does anything..ive had this laptop over  a year now and this issue is starting to bother me again now since updating to windows 10.


disc 0, the ssd, in task manager never shows any activity ever. i cant find an express cache for windows 8.1 or 10. how come? my computer sits at 100% on disc c for the first couple minutes when starting up.. from what this says, intel RST isn't even necessary and i can delete it, but after deleting, it seems even slower! 


any help would be appreciated. raid mode is not an option in my bios. how can i get the RST program to show me the settings i can change? do i need it? is this .00 and .02% normal? 




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Re: Y500 - How do I tell if automatic SSD cache is working?

2015-12-21, 5:23 AM
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