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Y460P won't boot

2012-06-20, 10:23 AM

So, I've been messing with my laptop far too much I'm afraid it's beyond repair but well, here goes

I flashed my Y460P with an unlocked bios with normal procedure and everything seems to went well

I didn't have chance to boot to windows after the flash since after reboot I went directly to bios setting (it started up..)

Altered a few settings which I can't recall exactly what but I guess they were:

- Enable Intel IGD

- Setting CPU temp limit to 100

I think those are the only things I altered...

Then F10, reboot


The Y460P has this slidenav thingy on the keyboard that has strings of LEDs that would lit up from left to right on boot,

Well, after I power on my laptop, the LED start up normally, then it freezes just like that

Screen has light but blank

Only bluetooth LED lits up, no HDD, WLAN LED

If I insert a bootable USB, it doesn't get read at all, no flash LED from USB

CTRL ALT Del doesn't even reboot


So I went a bit crazy and did something more

I opened up the cover and removed the CMOS battery, left it out like 20mins then put it back hoping a CMOS reset would help (well, I did try to power it on while the CMOS battery is off but the result is the same as below)

Now it acts very weird

When I press the power button, the LEDs lit up for a very short time then off for like 5seconds of no power

Then it would power on again and follow the symptom above

If I press the power button again during the 5 secs of no power, it seems to just repeat again


I tried all recovery for the BIOS, Fn+R, Fn+B, hold power for 60 secs and none seems to work

The USB doesn't flash at all


Any help would be appreciated, I would hate to have to bring it to service center

A mess I've created I know

Thanks in advance


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Re: Y460P won't boot

2012-06-20, 12:59 PM
By Unlocked BIOS, do you mean someones modded version?

Sounds like you have tried some recovery, but I feel a service
center is the only hope. My Opinion.

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Re: Y460P won't boot

2014-05-13, 2:12 AM


It seems very similar to my problem.

The laptop semms to turn on, but freezes before enabling the Boot Sequence.

No Hard Drive activity, Completely Dark Screen.

I tried to plug an external Monitor, It is not the screen.

I will try tomorrow to replace Hard Drive, But i am afraid it is the Mother Board.

It all started when Monitor started to flash Horizontal and vertical lines, then Both and then Monitor was out.

It started fine a couple of times after reboot but did the same after a few minutes untill now where it just freezes right away.

Did anybody have similar experience? Did anyone figure it out, I am curious.

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