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Ideapad U310/U410: Slow performance on WiFi


U310 was purchased on 29th June 2012 from Park Network Pvt Ltd, Sector 18, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.


Since the first time I have booted this system the WiFi speeds have been really low. On a 4Mps connection the wifi gives me a download speed of 200-500kbps whereas any other laptop on the same network gives me a speed of 3.5-4Mbps. But it works pretty fine on a wired connection.


Wireless throughput is slow. But when moving the system very close to the router, it will increase throughput to normal levels.  As the system is moved farther away from the router, throughput levels will begin to drop.  If the notebook is moved to a different room with a number of walls between the notebook and the router, throughput will drop to very low speeds.

Note: Several web sites provide download speed tests. Using your favorite search engine, search for 
download speed test” then choose a test site from the results.


During July 2012, Lenovo  received customer reports of lower than expected wireless performance on some U310 and U410 IdeaPad systems.  As a result, we extensively tested sample U310 and U410 models and a design update was implemented to ensure a more consistent wireless performance in all customer environments.  


U310 and U410 models manufactured after July 23, 2012 incorporate these updates and are not affected.


Recommended Solution:

Customers with  U310 and U410 models manufactured  prior to July 23 who have experienced lower than expected wireless performance should contact Lenovo support to schedule service.


Note: If moving system close to wireless router does not improve performance, the issue is different and this fix is unlikely to have any impact.


This Notice pertains to a recent settlement agreement involving certain “U310” and “U410” notebook computers sold in the United States.  Please read full details here.

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NateS On 2014-09-23, 23:39 PM
Mark_Lenovo On 2014-09-23, 17:13 PM
sjaakfaal On 2014-10-01, 8:02 AM

Update the bios so we can replace the wifi adapter .. please.

pksimons On 2014-10-13, 20:26 PM

Lenovo has shut down the ability to post and reply to most issues related to wifi problems and refers users to the impending class action settlement agreement.  I have a U410 built at the end of 2012 and have had wifi problems since taking it out of the box.  The unit has been back twice to Lenovo for repairs,  But they keep installing Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2200 cards.  These do not work on the U410 and they connot repair these computers.  DO NOT TAKE THE 'REPAIR COMPUTER' UNDER THE SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT.  If you want to take a $250 certificate to purchase other Lenovo products, then buyer beware and you deserve what you get.  Take the $100 cash and buy a USB wifi adapter and hope it makes these computers somewhat useful.  Alternatively, the U410 make very effective doorstops, albeit expensive - even colorful ones if you chose a colorful cover on your laptop.

sjaakfaal On 2014-10-17, 7:06 AM
I succesfully replaced my 2200 card with a intel 7260 card. A bios modification is needed.
NateS On 2015-04-04, 20:59 PM
weenus500 On 2016-06-03, 15:58 PM

As of yet, I have not found any bios upgrade for my s400u which allow me to do this.

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