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ix4-300d NAS Web/Management panel Help



I inherited a network from a past admin and I'm trying my best to make sure I have access to all devices and their configurations on the network. The network is a Windows Domain controlled by a machine running Windows Server 2012 R2. There are two ix4-300d devices on the network used for storage and backup. Each of them is configured with a particular IP Address.


The problem starts when I try to log in to the management console. When I initially navigate to the web console I get an empty looking window with no configuration options and a log in button. You can see what this looks like here:






When I click the login button (the key in the top right) I am prompted to log in with a local or domain user. 


I unfortunately don't know any existing local user information, and when I created a new local user using the Lenovo Storage Manager and tried to log in to the web console, I got an error saying Configuration is restricted to users with Administrative permissions.


So my next idea was to try a domain log in since it seems like the NAS is being managed through Active Directory. When I log in as any of the domain admins, I don't get any errors, and the web console processes the log in as if there is no problem. Yet when its done logging in, I just get returned to the same window above with no configuration options.

What I've tried so far:

Accessing the panel from a different workstation on the domain.

Accessing the panel from the PDC.

Accessing the panel using different browsers: chrome/firefox/internet explorer.

Downloading and installing Lenovo Storage Manager, and accessing the panel through there


Whatever I do, the only log in I can get to work our domain log ins, and they have no configuration options available to them.


What steps should I take to resolve this issue without clearing out network information or stored data?

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