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Lenovo K900 - Contacts not displayed but only phone numbers


I bought my K900 smartphone a few days ago from the DO store in India. Whenever I dial a contact or a contact tries to call me, only the numbers are displayed and not the contact's name.



The following could be a workaround for the problem above.

  1. First, back up your contacts (see below for How-to). Backing up your phone allows the information stored to be synced with that on your computer.
  2. Then, delete all the contacts from the phone.
  3. Restore the contacts to your phone.


There are a few ways to establish a connection between your K900 and your computer:

1) Using a USB cable
Connect your K900 to your laptop or PC using the USB cable that comes with the box.


k900 connects to pc.jpg


When you plug the cable into your computer, the Windows Mobile Device Center will be launched.

You will be prompted to download and install this utility if you connect your K900 to your computer for the first time.

2) Using Bluetooth
Ensure that your phone's Bluetooth is switched on, and that it is 'discoverable'. Switch on your computer's Bluetooth function as well.

If you are pairing your phone to PC for the first time, you may be prompted to install the Windows Mobile Device Center utility once your phone has been detected by your system.



Windows Vista users can download the utility here.

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Joule On 2013-11-15, 11:38 AM

happened also to me. I think it was becaseu I was having same contact twice on different account. I deleted all contacts and decided to sync contacts only from one main account. It worked

Dwihernanda On 2014-04-11, 16:46 PM

Dear Lenovo Team, i have problem with my lenovo k900

on screen was mentioned text as below

"the android keyboard has stopped "

please help i can't texting for this time 

thank you 

zarago On 2014-12-27, 10:03 AM

I have the same problem with a brand new S860 1Gb Ram chinese version.

Plus some of the buttons appears to be be in chinese ( I've selected English )

Too bad. this phone is great but...still got a lot of work to do

Cleo_Lenovo On 2014-12-31, 16:11 PM
-Kaos- On 2015-09-03, 12:58 PM

try a different keyboard app... :)

seenu_n86 On 2015-12-30, 12:08 PM

Hi Lenovo Technical Team,


 Mobile Model : Lenovo K3 note


CONTACT MANAGER is very slow  and searching a name & details fromcontacts takes up to 10 sec to display the contacts details.


In CONTACT STORAGE (go to setting -> APPS -> ALL) , memory is increasing day by day (currently is 110MB). Totally rudicolous and irritating


let me  know how to recover from this issue and make my mobile to show the contact detail in quick time.

swarupray On 2016-02-27, 19:31 PM

The call log of my A 806 model displays the contact names of all outgoing calls. But in the case of incoming calls only the number is displayed, not the contact name. 

ushansameera On 2017-02-11, 17:13 PM

My phone contacts  names are not showing why is that

megaradi On 2017-06-13, 8:04 AM

K 5 PLUS  telefon rehberimdeki kişiler siliniyor tekrar kayıt etmek gerekiyor. android 6,00 marshmallow güncellemesi ne zaman gelecek veya manüel yapabilirmiyiz...

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